Possibly one of the hottest things I’ve seen on GH…

…was Johnny Zacchara telling Sonny off. I’ve grown to like Johnny bit by bit, but after yesterday, I’m hooked. Truth-telling is a real turn on for me. Again, I wish that I was able to transcribe the dialog here, but I will do better –

Here’s the clip:

Feel free to fast forward anytime Sonny opens his mouth.

So anyone want to take a bet as to how long it will be before Johnny does something completely horrible and out of character to ruin him?

Today? Tomorrow?

For the moment, I will bask in the sexiness of a man actually standing up for women. *sigh*


7 thoughts on “Possibly one of the hottest things I’ve seen on GH…

  1. Awwww, guys!!!! I pray you’re wrong about them killing him off, but sadly…you are probably right. I watched the scene with a mixture of awe and delight. After it was over, I realized I had just fallen in love with him a little bit.

    Let the character assassination begin!

    • I really hope we are wrong, but I have no faith that anyone who is put in the position opposite Sonny will be treated fairly.

      But yeah, he completely won me over in that moment.

  2. But was it hotter than the literal beat down Johnny delivered to Sonny in GH last year? I’m torn.

    Perhaps this will be an annual event from now on? We can only hope.

    • I can’t speak for incandescentflower, but Johnny beating Sonny up was the highlight of my entire GH year. I rewatched that sucker five times in a row before I could bring myself to delete it. Damn.

      • I think that may have been during one of my tune in and out phases because I kind of remember it, but not too clearly. I also hated him and Lulu together so I tended to avoid Johnny at that moment. It may be time to revisit that on youtube. Thanks for the reminder!

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