What is this, junior high?

SONNY: But I do believe that Olivia should know–I’m not saying that she’s waiting around for me to–I don’t know what she’s–to, to…have a life with her or something but, I…do me a favor, will you? Can you go to her? Just tell her what…wha-what I’m sayin’, you know?

First of all — no. I have no idea what you’re saying, Sonny. That was the most incoherent thing I’ve ever heard.

Second — did he really just send his number one henchman to break up with his almost-mistress for him? Or, to put it in terms more in touch with reality, to let her know he will no longer be stalking and sexually harassing her? Classy!

And they said romance was dead.


Then, this happened:

JOHNNY: You know, tell me something, Sonny. How do you keep yourself from choking on all that hypocrisy?

Was that good for you?  Because it was good for me.

(Also: oh, yeah. Johnny is so dead, you guys. A character is only allowed that much truth-telling if they’re drunk and Sam, or about to be brutally murdered. And sadly, Johnny is no Drunk Sam.)

3 thoughts on “What is this, junior high?

  1. Point one: Yes. Point two: I love Johnny so much it hurts. He is doomed.

    Also, I really want to make a screencap of Sam’s expression after Jason was coming up with his plan to “protect” Michael. It was perfect, exactly what I was feeling.

    I’ll have to get on that….

  2. Hehe!! I actually giggled like a 5-year old and clapped my hands when Johnny said that line. I’ll bet he’s saving a lot of people from smashing TVs over their heads these days.

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