How does it go down hill so fast?

Sometimes when the stars align and we get some half-way decent scenes I have to wonder how the hell it turns to suck so fast.

Today’s episode was a perfect example of this.

The Good:

1) Somehow, Michael developed a  conscience. I’m not sure how this happened considering all the adults in his life don’t really have one and don’t expect him to take responsibility for any of his actions, but there it is. Reason number one why Michael is better than his parents. This is also the reason why it will hurt so much when Michael goes the way of Sonny.

2) Mac telling  Michael that it is important to tell the truth is more parenting than Michael has received in his entire life.

3) The boy who plays Morgan has more acting chops than most of the actors who play his parental figures. The scene he had with Johnny made my eyes well up. Man, that kid is good. My tears of empathy quickly turned to tears of dread when I remembered that this is Sonny’s son and so he is destined to suck as well.

4) Brandon Barash with him. Gah. I instantly forgave Johnny for threatening to shoot Matt yesterday. Also, his emotion with his sister, despite how horribly manipulative she has been with him, was quite moving. Did I mention I kind of love him?

The Bad:

1) More pregnant women in danger….again. Carly being in the exact same situation she was a few months ago-she can’t be stressed and yet! Michael is again in trouble. Yawn.

2) Women who are risking their lives for their pregnancies. Now, I’m not passing judgment on this decision, but apparently you can only be a worth while woman on this show if you are willing to risk your life for your baby. People actually face these issues and it could be an interesting conflict if there was a remote chance that the women might make a choice one way or another. Not on this show.

The Ugly:

1) Alexis is again the punching bag. How did I not see the fact that she bought identical white cars as a set up for a car crash who done it? Claudia was run off the road by a light-colored car. See how they did that there? It is bad enough that Alexis is the victim in the mayor’s mistress murder case, but now we have to listen to her daughter accuse her of running Claudia off the road, when Kristina thinks she did it herself. Fail.

2) Yet another woman appearing to have a miscarriage. Way to surprise us, GH! No one could have ever seen that coming. Not with the pregnant women on the show always being in life threatening danger. Claudia has not been my favorite person lately, but making her lose her baby after she opts to have brain surgery to keep her baby safe is low even for this show. Not to mention having the baby mortally injured by a seat belt. Epic fail.

What’s the word for more than suck?

5 thoughts on “How does it go down hill so fast?

  1. Ah, I beg to differ on number 3 of “The Good” – at least part of it. I wholeheartedly agree that the actor who plays Morgan is 10 kinds of awesome. I love that kid to pieces and he made me cry too – but after that amazing pre-ambulance moment where Jax referred to Morgan as his son, I would like to hope that Morgan will always consider Jax his dad. It’s not like Sonny remembers that Morgan exists anyway. And no, it does not escape me that Guza and his band of lunatics have it in them to screw this up too.

    I have to agree, that whole threatening-to-put-a-bullet-in-Matt’s-brain thing was not cool, but seeing him with Morgan almost put me over the top with adoration for him. And all I could think of was you guys, and your whole “dead man walking” scenario. Yup…his scenes of late definitely scream “swan song”.

    • I respect your objection. I admit, my heart sung a bit when Jax referred to Morgan as his son, even though my affection for Jax has lessened with his one-track Carly mind as of late. I whole-heartedly agree that my hope would be that Jax is always more of a father to Morgan than Sonny is. But I feel that it would be too much poetic justice – exactly what Sonny deserves, so I doubt it will actually happen.

      Yeah, Johnny has really become my favorite character in the last couple of weeks and since there is a tendency for the writers to spoil anything I like, I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop. But for now, I will soak up all the awesomeness I can get!

  2. You’re right, of course. Even I am tempted to ask myself what the color the sky is in my world. But a girl can dream.
    p.s. All things Jax and Carly were quite frankly annoying the crap out of me up until recently, but I really love how amazing Jax is with Morgan.

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