And the worst parent of the century award goes to:

Sonny Corinthos!

Not that any of the parents on this show are winning Mother or Father of the Year, but Sonny takes the cake. Way to blame your son for a situation that you created! I’m almost certain that it’s going to turn out Michael didn’t even cause this accident, even though that would actually be what Sonny and Claudia deserve. Eliminating Michael as a suspect only leaves Alexis and Kristina as suspects. I will not be pleased if it turns out to be either. Although it’s just as likely it will end up being a character the writers pull out of their asses.

And they need to stop having people give the requisite “it wasn’t your fault” talk when people actually take responsibility for their actions. Although I appreciated that Johnny’s, “it was an accident, Sonny,” was kind of half-hearted. It just goes to show what a good person Johnny is, because he seemed to take no pleasure in telling Sonny that one of his son’s killed the other. I, on the other hand, kept telling Sonny, “that’s karma, bitch.”

Sonny tearing  into Michael may have been one of the most horrible moments I’ve seen on GH, and I’ve seen so, so many.  But after seeing Michael’s expression — knowing that unlike his father, he actually feels guilt about hurting others — I seriously wanted to do violence to Sonny. The rage was uncontrollable.

Everyone is so worried about Carly, but if this crap continues, I’m the one who’s going to have a stroke.

3 thoughts on “And the worst parent of the century award goes to:

  1. Funny, I believe I was snarling something along the lines of “that’s karma, bitch” as well. My hatred for Sonny intensifies by the minute. I agree, though, almost all of the parental figures are registering on my radar as FAIL right now.
    Michael has actually shown some humanity lately…and is showing more common sense than any of the adults in his life are at the moment. Kristina, on the other hand, is screechier and more obnoxious than ever. Who can blame her though – as we have seen, if you are Sonny’s child, you need to be brutally injured or die in order to receive any paternal acknowledgment whatsoever.
    Still, watching fabulous, strong Alexis take garbage from everyone including her own teenage daughter is grating on my nerves.
    Ugh, is it me or was yesterday just really heavy in general? And not heavy in the *BJ-dies-and-Maxie-receives-her-heart* way, where it breaks your heart but is still awesome. Heavy in a *my-god-this-is-needlessly-depressing* way.

    • I think you are exactly right. It was just enraging and awful. It is funny that you mention Kristina screeching, my husband has taken to doing an impression of her whining now. Even she is intolerable at this point. And I was thinking the other day – I don’t think Sonny has even had one scene with Kristina yet. I couldn’t remember if he’s even seen the new Morgan or not. Ridiculous.
      Michael’s humanity makes absolutely no sense, but I love it. I love this actor and he makes me actually like Michael, which I didn’t think possible considering how he was portrayed in the past and the missteps they have taken with him recently. I think it is purely by accident. And now we can prepare for even more horrible parenting and revenge seeking for the rest of the week! Yay!
      I won’t spoil you, but it sounds utterly ridiculous.

      • I would like to hear that Kristina impression! LOL.

        Sonny doesn’t deserve any scenes with the new Morgan, I want him to stay the hell away! That kid would act circles around him anyway.

        I agree, the actor who plays Michael is really great. We’ll see if they can continue to infuse the character with some sympathetic qualities…after all, multi-dimensional characters are not Guza’s forte. Sigh.

        From you say, looks like another week of being livid for me! Joy!

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