The Alexis bashing tour is in full swing

Okay, I’ve tried to ignore how the writers have been treating Alexis lately, but yesterday was just too much.

It’s bad enough to have to listen to Kristina yell at Alexis and accuse her of running Claudia off the road, when we know she thinks she did it.

It’s painful enough to have to see Alexis accuse Sam of trying to frame her own sister for a crime to get on Jason’s good side, especially after all the crap they put those two through at the beginning of their relationship.

But yesterday…yesterday was just atrocious. I’m sorry, but Jax would not believe Alexis had framed a child for her crime, let alone turn her into the police for it. And Diane would not help him do this. Do the writers even watch their own show?

Less than a month ago, they had Diane trying to convince Jason to stay in jail to help Alexis out. Now Diane is going to treat Alexis as a suspect for this crime? Puh. Leeze.

Shame on you writers. Shame On You!

Characters usually act out of something called “motivation.” Diane’s excuse that she is doing this to support her client is nothing more than convenient. I call bullshit. Diane likes to win, but she is fiercely loyal and wouldn’t put her friend in that position.

And Jax…well Jax has slowly — but surely — become a horrible character. I liked him with Carly at first, but it didn’t take long for her to make him intolerable. If he is going to believe his stressed out, screeching, insane wife over Alexis, well, then they deserve each other.

I can honestly say the only moment I enjoyed this past week was seeing Jason call Robin in to help with Michael. And I kind of hate seeing him use their relationship, but at least the writers honor the fact that they had a past relationship and still genuinely care about one another. And it follows that either of them can sometimes use that past to overstep their current relationship.

All there is left to say is that if I don’t get some freaking Scrubs soon…there is no telling what I might do.


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