Fun in the Afternoon: Best Weddings

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? They’re a soap opera staple for a reason, and General Hospital usually has at least one big one a year. Considering the show has been on the air for 46 years, that is a whole lot of wedding cake.

Whether it’s real, fake, for love, or for convenience, a GH wedding can be a grand old time, bringing characters across the canvas together for romance,  hijinks, or — during the best ones — both:


Anna and Robert

Incandescentflower: So many weddings, so much to choose from. In many cases, characters have not only had multiple weddings, they’ve had multiple weddings to the same person!

This clip is of Robert and Anna’s first wedding, shown in flashback. I love this scene because Robert and Anna had a rich history before the characters came on the show. It wasn’t just thrown together; it was layered and interesting, and it resulted in their daughter, Robin. Because of this, the wedding was held away from the Port Charles landscape, something that doesn’t happen very often as of late.

As a side note, Robert and Anna’s relationship always brings to mind the WSB, a plot I wish they’d never dropped. If the writers really want to spice up the show, bringing the WSB back would be a great place to start.

Luke and Laura

Tenillypo: Normally, I only choose clips of moments I actually watched as they originally aired, but Luke and Laura’s wedding was such a huge pop culture event that I think it warrants an exception.

The pageantry! The melodrama! The inexplicable square dancing! The Liz Taylor! Really, I think it speaks for itself, so I’ll just let it.

Felicia and Colton

Incandescentflower: I have to be honest, I don’t really remember Colton. What I do remember is everyone thinking Frisco was dead and him coming back just in time to see his beloved get married to the man who tried to kill him!

This was in 1989, when I was ten years old, and I still remember it. Why? Because it was great soap. Soap weddings can either give us the romantic fantasy we long for, or they can further the plot in an interesting way. This one did the latter and I will never forget it.

Lois and Ned

Tenillypo: Location, location, location! The specter of Brooklyn had practically been a third party in Lois and Ned’s relationship from the very beginning, so it’s only fitting that for their wedding, we finally got to go there. This wedding was as light-hearted and fun as you’d expect from a couple like Lois and Ned, and filled with both the wacky energy and earnest sweetness that made them great.

(Also, my teenage fantasy wedding involved a puffy, satin pretty princess dress just like Lois’, so this was pretty much the most awesome thing I’d ever seen.)

Trivia note: check out beloved head writer, Claire Labine, and her husband in a cameo as the couple Lois greets on the street.

Frisco and Felicia

Incandescentflower: Wait? What is this? Understated romance? Music used to be a large part of this show. Sometimes it was used in super cheesy ways, but other times — like at this moment — it helped portray an intimate moment between two characters.

I find this scene when Frisco sings to Felicia at their wedding incredibly romantic and touching. It really is an interesting contrast to the Spinelli plot in recent months. Frisco has no need to profess his love. Although Tony sets the song up publicly, it really is as if none of the other people are in the room — only Frisco and Felicia exist. It’s too bad that the show felt they needed to ruin these characters in order to write them out. Although that’s become a theme so I shouldn’t expect them to be treated any differently than any of the other former “super couples” Guza has spit on recently.

One last thing about this clip — I know I was really young when this aired, but what is Felicia wearing?

Mac and Felicia

Tenillypo: Oh, Felicia — why do you hate your bridesmaids? What did poor Tiffany, Bobbie and Robin ever do to you to deserve those demented pilgrim outfits? Pssst! Maybe the reason why you end up having to wait four more years to get married to Mac for real is that you have angered the gods of fashion with this travesty. Just a thought!

Mac and Felicia’s first wedding is great because it takes us back to a time when evil twins did more than flounce around town wearing ten tons of black eyeliner (not naming any names, Rebecca). Ryan Chamberlain, Felicia’s psychotic stalker, crashed the wedding while masquerading as his loveable and mostly sane brother, Kevin.

What kind of bomb has a time delay of over 10 seconds after the trigger has been pressed? How did everyone not notice that “Kevin” was really Ryan when all that ominous music started playing every time he creepily stared at the bride? And why would anyone ever care about deadly dull Jenny and Paul enough to want to see them get married? All these questions and more brought to you by the clips above.

Ned and Alexis

Incandescentflower: This clip is bittersweet. I loved Alexis and Ned. And it really is a tribute to the writing for this couple, because before that I had loved Ned and Lois.

As sad as this scene is, I can’t be angry over it. Alexis’ fear over becoming a typical Quartermaine wife may seem silly, but it actually makes sense in terms of her childhood background with all the Cassidine craziness. Ned’s reaction, after experiencing countless failed relationships, makes sense too. It doesn’t feel like a contrived failed wedding; it feels like a totally likely outcome. And for that reason, I think it makes it a great wedding.

In terms of these character’s relationships, I love that when Ned does come back to the canvas, he and Alexis usually have a moment that honors their past relationship. More than anything, this clip makes me sad for what has happened to Alexis. From this point on, the men they have put her with have been more and more questionable. Looking back,  it does give me that wistful feeling of what if? wondering if Alexis’ life could have been different if she only took the plunge.

Poor, poor Alexis. If only they had let you have something good in your life.

Sonny and Brenda

(Parts One, Two, Three)

Tenillypo: Oh, man. This still hurts to watch.

After years of drama and heartache, Sonny and Brenda were finally together and happy. But Maurice Bernard wanted to leave the show — a year later, he’d be back but Vanessa Marcil would be gone. I’m sure that had the timing and stars aligned, we would have gotten a happily ever after send off for Sonny and Brenda. As much as I would have liked that, however, it wouldn’t have been nearly as soapily delicious as what we got instead.

Brenda’s unshakable faith in Sonny here — in the face of all evidence to the contrary — is just heartbreaking. And how amazing is to see a Sonny who’s not only self-aware enough to see what a toxic presence he is in the lives of the people he loves, but mature enough to actually put on his big boy pants and do something about it?

I’ve said it before, but in my opinion, this was the perfect end for Sonny as a character: he’d fought his way to the top, and now he had to pay the price. Since Bernard’s 1998 return, Sonny’s been in a holding pattern — repeating the same mistakes over and over again with seemingly no awareness of anything that’s happened before or the lessons he supposedly learned from Brenda, Lily and Stone. Such a waste.

Robin and Patrick

Incandescentflower: Considering the fact that Patrick and Robin’s storyline these days leaves much to be desired, I am really excited to talk about one of the highlights of their relationship. How soapy is it that Robin was able to have two beautiful weddings after going in labor during her first one? I just love it.

The soapiness and the character drama made the first wedding fun. Mac was able to walk Robin down the aisle, which in many ways was his right.  There were touching moments between may of the characters: Mac and Robin, Mac and Maxie, Robin and Anna, just to name a few. It also included the suspense of Patrick getting to the church on time, which didn’t cause too much anxiety because I was pretty much as certain as Robin that Patrick would show, and it was very cute when he did.

The second wedding upped the nostalgia another notch with the inclusion of Robert in the wedding party and many flashbacks to Robin’s childhood. This was very well done. I can’t tell you the number of times I cried during this event. As it should be in a love story, my favorite part is Patrick and Robin’s vows. They have the right amount of sweetness, without the cheesiness that sometimes happens when GH tries for romance. It still gives me butterflies. I just don’t get how the writers don’t see that this is what they do best!


Robin and Patrick prove that even on a limited budget, GH can still pull of a classic soap wedding that respects family and history and has plenty of drama without being a bloodbath. It also shows the simple joy that comes from watching a couple come together who truly love each other and have earned their happy ending — something that applies to far too few of the other couples currently on the canvas. You don’t need a spectacular location shoot so long as the characters have heart.

Unfortunately, you have to commit to a couple by building their relationship and giving them a realistic sense of push and pull in order to get this pay off. Alas, these types of couples on current GH are few and far between.


4 thoughts on “Fun in the Afternoon: Best Weddings

  1. I loved all of these clips. Felica is wearing a taira on her head. Because she is an Aztec Princess. I think that Sean paid for felica’s dress.

    • Oh, okay. Thanks for the info. I thought there had to be a reason, but I had forgotten.

      Glad you liked the clips!

  2. Beautiful weddings, we need more weddings! Patrick and Robin are my all time favourite couple, and I loved their wedding, though watching it stings because I miss Robin so much. I can’t believe Guza almost tor them apart with his PPD travesty then with Lisa! I also loved Lucky and Elizabeth’s first wedding and Nik and Emily’s wedding. I liked Lante’s wedding but it just doesn’t stack up to these, as Lulu’s family weren’t there. Sonny and Brenda’s wedding last year was nice, too bad Guza had no idea how awesome Brenda was in 90s and how steamy she and Sonny were. GH, while improved, is still a bit dark, and we need some lighter moments

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