How did psychotic, power hungry political wives murder before Google?

This and other burning questions came up as I watched Friday’s GH. Now, I admit I had more questions than usual because I live in Massachusetts and the show has been preempted by the Ted Kennedy coverage for the last two days. So if I’m wondering about something that seems blatantly obvious to you, dear readers, please comment!

My confusion begins with Jason and Sam finding Michael and Kristina. Jason is supposed to be the hero, right? Pulling a gun and threatening kids is heroic, right? RIGHT? Ugh.

At Johnny’s garage: Does Sonny know the definition of the word “irony”? Is he really taking himself seriously when he demands that Johnny treat Claudia better? Did anyone else imagine a hundred ways of doing Sonny bodily harm as he bullied Johnny into apologizing to his sister? Does anyone else want Johnny to leave the mob, join the PCPD and have buddy cop adventures with Dante?

Why was Claudia all bent on revenge when it seemed a child was responsible for her miscarriage, but now that she thinks it was Alexis’ fault, she doesn’t even confront her? Does anyone understand Claudia’s motivations? Does anyone care?

And at the Jacks home: Do the writers think that by showing us Kiefer, we will think Sonny is less horrible by comparison? Do they realize that he just looks like a mini-Sonny instead? One Sonny is enough, thank you very much.

While watching Sonny and Alexis discuss their daughter, my brain practically melted from all the hypocrisy. Is anyone else flabbergasted by the idea that Sonny and Alexis are discussing whether Alexis will continue to protect Kristina, considering how Sonny has protected Michael from consequences for much worse actions, time and time again? Did Sonny really try to defend his position by using the fact that he is a professional criminal? Crazy says what?

Meanwhile at Crimson, doesn’t Kate look wonderful? Wasn’t it cunning of the writers to have Lulu accuse Maxie of rewriting history in the middle of a story that did just that!?! You mean that wasn’t intentional?

Finally, while watching Patrick and Robin’s scenes I can’t help but wonder how the GH writers have such a distinct talent for taking what I want and twisting it to make me regret ever wanting it. Why can’t this murder mystery story make any sense? *Sigh*

4 thoughts on “How did psychotic, power hungry political wives murder before Google?

  1. All good points that I agree with. Strangely, I seem to have been watching GH through some kind of haze lately. I seem to be holding it at arm’s length in a way, because I can only muster moderate hatred for Sonny during his scenes, as opposed to my usual full-on, seething hatred. Must say, I LOVE your idea for Johnny! Yes, writers, yes! Please have him leave the mob and be Dante’s partner!!! But maybe we are wrong to put any of this into words, as it really does feel more and more like the writing team over at GH (or at least Guza) hates us.

    You forgot one other ludicrous aspect in the Jason/Sam story: can you please explain to me how it is that a person spontaneously heals from a gun shot wound in a dingy room, with no medical treatment and apparently no visible antisceptic? Did I miss something? By all means, enlighten me if I am ignorant to some obvious explanation.

  2. I think you are right that it is often a mistake to verbalize what I would love to see on the show. It inevitably turns out bad.
    In terms of rage, I think rational human beings can only contain so much. I believe it will slowly trickle back eventually, but for now you should probably enjoy the benefit of not caring. :)
    I appreciate your comment about Jason. I decided to ignore this after my disbelief at what happened between him and Sam at the beginning of the week. I believe my words to Tenillypo were: “nothing would turn me on more than a gaping gun shot wound in the shoulder, without pain meds, stitches or even bandages. How about you?”
    I think the explanation we are all missing is that Jason is super human, don’t ya know? He is a man of steel with incredibly healing strength! Ugh, yeah. It is just plain stupid.

  3. “I can’t help but wonder how the GH writers have such a distinct talent for taking what I want and twisting it to make me regret ever wanting it.” This is exactly how I feel. My cure has been watching vintage scrubs scenes on youtube. I have saved my favorites under tvismybestfriend . Hopefully this helps you as much as it helps me. Although occasionally I’m prone to wonder how it is that the people that wrote the scenes I watch are the same ones that right the show now.

    p.s. Johnny and Dante cop adventures sounds like heaven.

  4. I like your blog…I haven’t watch on a consistent basis in years. I resorted to watching classic GH on youtube. Especially since now GH focus on is one character on the show in recent years. Not to mention other irritating factors: the slow death of the Q family, and scarifing of L&L history for the “Ethan” character. I could go on but why. Now its about Sonny, the mob, his harem, and his legion of children. I mean how many children will this man father? I am so over it. However, I do like the Dante s/l… I watch every now and then on soap net. I like he is on the right side of the law for a change. His character seems interesting despite his parentage. That says alot. I might even go back part-time to watch, if Johnny turns informant cop as Dante partner. From your blog to the writers’ keyboard…one can wish. I will start watching again…. Now if they are on a mission to bring down the mob in PC from their new WSB boss Robert Scorpio, I will be hooked. Dante and Johnny can be the new Robert and Luke or Robert and Sean. One can wish…

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