Turns out, it’s the Carnival of Unintentional Hilarity

The carnival has brought out the extreme in the GH cast. Actors who generally act well are so over the top they make me want to gag. Maybe it’s because they have no relateable emotions to draw upon. Or maybe it’s not the acting, but the extreme reactions to a small car crash.

But I”m not saying it hasn’t been entertaining.  Top unintentionally hilarious moments from today’s episode include:

  • A car going about 15 miles an hour mowing down the entire town outside GH

I can’t believe they made us watch this entire montage again. Still, it proved to be even more funny this time with people watching the car drive full on into them without moving. This is one hell of a car. It rammed down two grown men and didn’t stop until it smashed into a ride, and of course killed sinister Andrea Floyd.

  • Jason’s long walk of man pain

I know the cinematographers thought this would be artsy. But instead it looked like Jason was walking around aimlessly, while everyone else around him were loosing their effing mind. Maybe he was so upset because he just remembered that Jake existed.

  • An over the top demonstration of a person getting electrocuted by touching one of the rides

If you saw this scene, it speaks for itself.

  • A rescue worker telling Claudia that the ride disintegrated when the car crashed into the ride

Man, Edward really did have one bad ass sedan. It seems like someone was using their SAT study guide when they wrote today’s episode. The use of this word to describe what happened to that carnival ride is as melodramatic as the rest of the episode.

So I have to admit, being teased by Patrick and Robin’s talk of the fun they had in the locker room that we didn’t get to see coupled with the fact that it was obvious that Johnny was going to be bleeding by the end of these shenanigans has made me pretty cranky.

So maybe this has been the suspenseful, action packed event they were going for and I just missed the mark. Somehow I doubt it.

7 thoughts on “Turns out, it’s the Carnival of Unintentional Hilarity

  1. Poor Johnny is riddled with bullets for Spinelli, of all people. At least it doesn’t seem like it’s his time yet…er, at least, I hope it’s not.

    That Jason Power Ballad vid in the middle of what was pretty much an ensemble show was the definition of unintentional comedy gold. And the fact that it was for what seemed like the entire length of the song? I have no words for that.

    • It seems that Johnny will be okay, but I have no faith that any foreshadowing the writers do is truthful. I will have a temper tantrum if anything happens to him, that is for sure.

  2. I was pissed about the locker room mention, too. Can you imagine how HOT that would’ve been? A little sexy montage. Instead those minutes went to Jason’s Walk of Pain. Damn you GH!!! *shakes fist*

    • A hot scrubs sex scene is on my wishlist of GH moments and therefore I will never get it. I think the writers are allergic to hot and sexy at this moment. *sighs*

  3. Hilarious, and so true! I was laughing my head off watching the car “smash” into everything in its path. Jason’s walk of pain invoked a similar reaction.

    What kills me is, as per usual, Sonny and Jason emerge without a scratch. I’m not even impressed with Andrea dying, although I’m sure the writers think this is a clever little gem of irony. I would much rather have had her crimes exposed and seen her go to prison for 700 years for everything that happened as a result of her machinations.

    Maybe those developments would have taken away too much from the mob storylines. Speaking of which: what was the point of the cartoonish scenes of Evil Anthony twirling his mustache about how his men would ruin the carnival? Is it me or did they not go anywhere near the carnival?

  4. I know why are Sonny and Jason so upset aren’t they in the business of killing people. I mean this should just be everyday stuff to them and everyone in their families.
    I also was upset that out of all the crap we saw, we have to see Jason’s walk of pain. Give me some hot looker room sex with Scrubs!! I am surprised we have not had to see Edward have sex, I mean they will show anybody doin’ it but Scrubs!!!

  5. Jason walking around trying to look…. um, what look was he going for? Anyway, that was so freaking hilarious, I watched it three times and laughed harder each time! And I actually loved the recap with everything leading up to the accident. It was cinematically gifted compared to their usual CGI, and at least they did something DIFFERENT, which as we all know, rarely happens on this show. They are all about recycling. Just not in the good way.

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