Liason 9.09.09

…what, were you expecting insightful commentary or something? I need to savor this, people! It’s likely the last time I’ll see these two touching for years.

Oh, fine.

Random Thoughts About Yesterday’s Episode:

– If they really want us to feel Jason’s pain over Jake, then maybe they ought have made it clear he remembered his son existed at some point during the last six months. Just a thought.

– Where the hell did Cam go? Is he still hanging out on the Merry-Go-Round, wondering where Mommy and Daddy went?

– Johnny saving Spinelli from certain death may have put a slight dent in my love for him.

– The next time a character on this show tries to play the “Sonny is a good father!” card, I really hope someone else points out the way he exhibited more curiosity about his would-be mistress’ feelings for his henchman than he did for the unknown fates of his young niece, his wife, his freaking daughter or her mother. Father of the Year, ladies and gentlemen!

– I sincerely hope that if no next of kin could be found in an emergency situation, my doctors would make the necessary calls to give me the care I needed. I also hope they wouldn’t just leave it in the hands of a random person who may have met me at some point and just happened to be standing in the hallway outside my room.

Seriously, how far down the list of Edward’s relations do you have to go before Rebecca becomes the only person capable of making his medical decisions? I can see the scene in the writers’ room now…

WRITER 1: Well, Monica’s on a flight to…Siberia. Or something. She’ll be out of touch for hours!
WRITER 2: What about his daughter?
WRITER 1: Who?
WRITER 2: You know, what’s her name…the greatest love of Luke’s life.
WRITER 3: Laura?
WRITER 2: No! The better one. That gives him money.
WRITER 3: …Tracy?
WRITER 1: Oh, her. She’ll just be somewhere else.
WRITER 3: Shouldn’t someone go find her?
WRITER 1: No time! And her phone’s off!
WRITER 3: What about Jason?
WRITER 2: Oh, Jason!
WRITER 1: Jason! He’s dreamy…
WRITER 3: Yes, but shouldn’t someone tell him about his grandfather?
WRITER 1: He’s on another floor of the hospital. A whole other floor! THERE’S NO TIME!
WRITER 2: So, you see, there’s no other choice but to leave the decision in the hands of a virtual stranger who has no legal ties to the patient and has been living in his house for a few weeks, planning to con him out of his money. That’s, like…the law. Or something.
WRITER 3: But…what about the rest of Edward’s family?
WRITER 1: Who?
WRITER 3: Edward. The patient. Patriarch of the show? Old guy? Drove his car through the carnival?
WRITER 1: Oh, him. Right. Didn’t we kill his entire family yet?
WRITER 3: No. Shouldn’t someone try to call Ned or Dillon? Or, hey, Michael is just down in the ER. He’s family too. Lulu is technically related by marriage and she’s known him a lot longer than Rebecca… Hell, even Alice would probably be better qualified–
WRITER 2: Look, it’s got to be Rebecca, okay? And she’ll call him ‘Grandfather’ just like Emily, and Nikolas will see it and it will be awesome.

– That preview… I have no words. But if this is heading where I think it’s heading, expect an angry diatribe about this Liz/Nik travesty sometime soon.

And yet…it’s still better than the entire Toxic Balls debacle. So that’s something? I guess?


19 thoughts on “YUP, STILL PRETTY.

  1. Seriously, I kept wondering how it was that Sonny didn’t once ask about his own daughter in all this? That’s just sloppy. Not that I’m surprised!

    • Yeah, it would be one thing if they wanted us to think that Sonny was a horrible father, but they clearly don’t. And yet they have episodes like this one where he can’t even be bothered to take a head count of all his children after a disaster.

      “Sloppy” is a good word for it. Also lazy. Bush-league. Laughably incompetent. I could go on…

      • It may not be what they want us to see Sonny as, but it is consistent…he IS a bad father. The only time he ever showed any concern about Kristina (outside of throwing a hissy fit when he found out she was biologically his) was for two episodes last week. He never asks about her, and she is certainly not a priority for him.

        But to be fair to Sonny (spit), the only child he really seems to care for is the one that is not biologically his. Even poor little Morgan is an afterthought for him. In fact, I think that even when Dante is revealed to be his firstborn (until the next one comes along), he’ll still hold Mikey as #1…especially if Dante keeps his morals and stays a cop.

        • tenillypo: I KNOW, RIGHT?! It’s frightening and infuriating at the same time for me to contemplate the fact that they actually want us to see Sonny as a hero, and a good parent to boot. I just….ugh….I have no words.

          chiknpotpie: I so agree…Michael is his golden child – and even though I do not subscribe to the “blood is thicker than water” point of view (love and support come first for me), it is messed up that he hardly ever pays any attention to Morgan or Kristina…or maybe this is a blessing to them…?

          I am having such a hard time with the whole Dante-is-Sonny’s-son thing…I am liking this character way too much to want to see him bond with Sonny. I admit Sonny’s dimple-flashing over the last few episodes has elicited a reluctant smirk from me. But I still loathe him!!

          • On the one hand, I do kind of admire the fact that they’ve always been very clear about the fact that adoption doesn’t make the parent/child bond any less. But on the other hand…Michael’s Golden status has gotten so ridiculous and overblown. He’s that baby that ate the entire show.

            Did you see today? Notice how Sonny only sprang into action when Claudia mentioned Michael was already out looking for Kristina… when Kristina told him she could believe he was there (like, how sad is that?) and he said “Where else would I be?” I almost choked on my rage.

            OH, I DON’T KNOW, SONNY. Where have you been all night when you didn’t even notice she was missing? GAH!

  2. Jason and Elizabeth rocked those scenes and it showed that Jason and Liz are still in love with each other and will always be.
    Jason showing some regret over not being in his son’s life was interesting but he was the one to walk away from his family.
    I hope GH knows that Jason and Elizabeth’s story is a gold mine and should be explored again.
    Jason and Liz are magic and have a chemistry that is off the charters and no other couple can touch them.

  3. Thank you! Geez. Everyone looked great. What got on my nerves more than anything this week was Jason Morgan. Who scripted for Kristina to come to his PH? She was a toddler when JaSam were together, why would she know anything? Does anyone know what Sam did? My frustration with Jason is that Kristina can be in his PH, he can be around everyone else’s kids BUT HIS OWN. He walked away from his family for the very woman who hurt them? Jason hasn’t said anyting about Jake in months, yet he feels he can voice concern over him with her and the writers scripting for Jason to mention how he was going to find who ever did this to her of all people was LAME, as was Jason Morgan taking a big freak’n gun out at a carnival with family and kids at the same carnival that was for Michael when he got SHOT. DUH.

    • That the writers thought the sight of Jason waving his gun around for comic affect at a carnival raising money in honor of a kid who was SHOT IN THE HEAD says so very much about why this show is the way it is, doesn’t it?

  4. the chemistry between jason and liz was at it’s best this week..both of them rocked their scenes and it’s obvouis they are still in love…unfortunately aliitle to late for jason’s caring on his sons situation he never cared before why now??? he is sleeping with the person who threatened his child and his child’s mother you know the love of your life..i agree it’s okay for jason to be around EVERYONE ELSE and we don’t get the danger lecture but when it came to elizabeth and jake it’s to dangerous..it doesn’t make sense and i know it’s a soap but what about some consitency for characters

    • The fact that Jason has been basically running a halfway home for wayward teenagers for years and no one finds that troubling is ridiculous. But then, so much of how this show treats Jason as a character is ridiculous. It’s all symptomatic of the same issues, sadly…

  5. Loved the Jason and Elizabeth scenes. No matter how few and far between their scenes are, they always are full of emotion, chemistry and love. GH had a goldmine with this couple and could strike gold again if they would reunite the Webber-Morgans and make them a family.

    • Steve and Becky can usually be counted on give respect to their characters’ relationship with each other, even when the writers don’t. They’re very good at inserting sub-text into a scene, bless them.

  6. I loved the scenes with Jason and Elizabeth. They always give 100% to their scenes together and it showes. The chemistry with these two is incredible. I hope SOON, they will write a love story for them where they can be together with Jake and Cam.

  7. GH is a hot mess! No character growth, just the same old nonsense. Who gets back together with someone who hurt a child? No one! Jason Morgan is a hyprocrite. Liason always brings the pretty.

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