And so it begins…

DANTE: The more time I spend with Sonny, the more I’m beginning to like the guy.

To paraphrase Inigo Montoya, did you hear that? That is the sound of ultimate suffering. My heart made that sound when we lost Dante to the dark side.


ETHAN: But you know, losing money is the least Nikolas deserves. [Ed. note: … ??? ] But in a fit of jealous rage, I was inspired to spill my guts, and now Nikolas is bent on revenge. Not against me — against Rebecca. I don’t know why. The only thing she did is fall in love with the guy.

Wow, I can see why Ethan is such a successful con artist — he sure is a student of human nature!

After all, what reasonable person could have predicted that Nikolas would have the nerve to actually be angry when he discovered that the woman he’d been sleeping with was using the memory of his dead wife in a crass money scam? And with all that research Ethan did before coming to town, how could he possibly have guessed that their mark was heir to a family of vengeful psychopaths, and might react extremely badly to being conned?

And I’m sorry, but are we really supposed to feel sorry for poor, misunderstood Rebecca now? Nikolas may have been a creepy stalker and incredibly stupid when it came to trusting her, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t an awful human being with an entitlement complex a mile wide who came to town with the intent to prey on the grief of complete strangers for her own material gain. She’s wretched and deserves every bit of pain and humiliation Nikolas can dish out to her.

The only person I really feel sorry for in this entire situation is Spencer. His father has alternately ignored and pawned him off on others for nearly his entire life. Now he’s encouraging the kid to grow emotionally attached to a woman who looks exactly like the only mother Spencer’s ever known, all the while plotting to rip her out of his life again very shortly. What a prince, indeed.


Leaving all that aside, my most pressing question regards that… thing… that appears to be growing on Ethan’s face.

ethan fug

What is it and how can we kill it dead, along with that skeevy, greasy ponytail?


8 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. I also get irked by seeing Ethan’s matching chain set, I wonder if the necklace came free with the wallet chain.

    Poor Johnny finally made it to a hospital, even though he had to both pass out to and wake up to Spinelli in his face. At least he has a friend now, that’s a silver lining, I guess.

    • God, can you imagine waking up post-surgery to find Spinelli in your face, babbling incoherently and REFUSING TO LEAVE? Poor Johnny probably wishes he’d just been put out of his misery already…

      • Did anyone else want to punch Spinelli for making Johnny’s shooting about ruining his wedding to Maxie? What is with the self-centered train he’s been riding lately? Every time someone is in danger, he seems to think it is time to discuss his oh so important relationship. Blech.

  2. So much of the dialogue lately is so ridiculous, one wonders if half of PC has brain damage.

    I’m finding Ethan laughable. I love how just a few short weeks ago, he was doing the whole smarmy, cartoon villain thing, and now, in a puff of smoke, we’re supposed to look at him as a noble hero. Because, you understand, experiencing a car accident (that is made to resemble a war-torn landscape) has completely transformed him, and he is now well within his rights to criticize a man who was once his “mark”. Please. Not that I don’t want to throttle Nikolas, but whatever. My list of “who needs a smackdown” just keeps getting longer.

    • Watching Ethan, the unrepentant con man, clutch at his pearls in horror at the thought of Rebecca possibly getting her tender little feelings hurt in a scam is just…ridiculous.

      (And it’s not like I’m really loving Nikolas lately. He’s an ass, too! But he’s still justified in being mad at Rebecca! GAH!)

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