Just when we thought we were out…

…they pulled us back in:


Sometimes something either so aggressively awful or so unexpectedly awesome happens that we both feel the need to weigh in. Guess which one this was?

(I know, we were totally shocked, too!)


Incandescentflower: I’d started to worry I was never going to feel butterflies about a GH couple again, since the writers have apparently decided married couples like Robin and Patrick are no longer exciting or flutter-worthy. And almost every other pairing on the current landscape makes me feel uncomfortable (Liz and Nik), annoyed (Maxie and Spinelli), and repulsed (Sonny and….anyone).

But just as the writers have been surprised at the the fan response to Johnny and Olivia, I’ve found myself shocked at how much I’ve fallen in love with them. They brought me right along for the ride as their relationship developed. Their initial attraction left me fanning myself; their growing relationship was exciting.

And where did this all lead? Profound professions of affection that filled my heart and may have even brought tears to my eyes. Olivia running to be at Johnny’s side when she found out he was shot, telling him how much she cared, and basically telling Sonny and Claudia to take a hike made me like her more than I ever thought possible.

This is how soap relationships should be written.

I’m aware that I may just be on a high because I honestly expected Johnny to be killed. GH is the king of lowered expectations. I have no faith that this awesomeness will continue so I’m just going to try and enjoy it while it lasts.

There are a million things wrong with all the rest of the stories on the show. But for today, I’m willing to admit they got one thing right.

despair-dividerTenillypo: You know, after she spent the last week cooing at Sonny and feeding him popcorn and just generally making my soul want to vomit, I’d about given up on Olivia ever not sucking again.

I love being wrong!

I can’t decide on my favorite part of yesterday’s Johnny/Olivia scenes: Olivia running out on Sonny mid-sentence the second she heard Johnny was hurt? The tearful bedside confession of how much he meant to her? Finally laying a punch on Claudia’s awful, inappropriate ass? Going into uber-protective mode and threatening to turn Sonny over to the cops?

Or perhaps it was simply the look of impotent jealousy on Sonny’s face when he realized how utterly irrelevant his presence had become:

Sonny schmuck

Damn, y’all. Was that good for you too?


7 thoughts on “Just when we thought we were out…

  1. Dude, it was SO good. My expectations are low too, and why wouldn’t they be after the sorry display between Sonny and Olivia at the carnival?

    I loved the look on Sonny’s face as Olivia was all tearful and loving with Johnny. Was anyone else wondering why he was right behind Olivia, as if he literally ran after her when she left GH? He looked like a fool, stumbling in behind her.

    In keeping with my lowered expectations, though, I won’t be surprised if they have Olivia flip-flopping back and forth between them some more. Just sayin’!

    I wonder if Sarah Brown is getting as tired of how they are writing Claudia as I am. As talented as she is, she can only make the character work to a point, and that point has long passed.

    • I think low expectations are the only way to go with the show. Expect the worst, and you can only ever by pleasantly surpised! Heh.

      If there was any justice in the world, the story we’d be getting now would be Olivia figuring out a way to save Johnny from Dante’s bust, and the three of them teaming up to take Sonny down. *sighs*

        • In my delusional happy world, that would be how I would see it happening too…Johnny turning state’s evidence against Zacchara/Corinthos and teaming up with Dante in his takedown. Add in Sonny getting thrown into solitary next to Papa Z. We can dream, can’t we?

          • Dude, I would actually watch an entire show about Papa Z and Sonny’s adventures in prison. Kind of Oz meets the Odd Couple…

    • It satisfied me greatly. Not as much, you know, as Claudia and Olivia actually teaming up to protect Johnny from Sonny. But still…that punch was awesome.

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