Is this bizzaro GH?

On Friday’s GH, the show’s supposed hero tried to manipulate Dante into killing Johnny for him out of petty jealousy. The whole thing made me want to bang my head against the wall to stop the pain. And wasn’t it delicious that Sonny was actually asking his own son to commit this completely selfish, gruesome act!? Gag.

Yes Dante, he’s one great guy!

But all this was an average day on GH.

Today, instead of the same old/same old, I experienced multiple spit-take moments where the magical fog that brainwashes the town of Port Charles was momentarily lifted.

I’ve gotten used to Johnny being awesome, but every day he seems to take it to more intense levels. Maybe he didn’t say anything specifically anti-mob this episode, but his sheer existence counts in my book. He has never drank the mob kool-aid and is all around a kind and caring guy. And no Dante, he totally would not kill Olivia. Eva.

Dante’s awesome truth telling has become more and more frequent. But today’s scenes were amazing. Save his one failure to read Johnny, I felt like he was speaking to my heart. Why can’t Johnny, Dante and Olivia all get the hell out of town together?

I enjoyed these moments, but what surprised me is that they were allowed to air in the same episode with other mob-nailing moments.

Robin, for a brief second, was allowed to wake up and remember that Jason kills for a living. She is probably one of very few characters who could get away with calling Jason on his shit and still live to tell the tale. I loved it. I’ve always liked that they tend to allow these two to keep an intimate friendship where they honor their past relationship. Having it be Robin who called out Saint Jason was extremely satisfying because he actually cares what she thinks. I wish they would allow Robin to do this more often.

On top of that, Jason was allowed to have one of his five opinions a year regarding the mob. It’s so obvious that Sonny is acting out of jealousy in his plans for Johnny, and it is great to hear someone call him on his temper tantrum. I wouldn’t put it past the show to think that Sonny is completely in the right for marking his territory. Puke. However, for a moment, I was able to delude myself into believing this isn’t so. Unfortunately, no amount of delusion can keep me from being paranoid that this entire storyline will lead to Johnny’s demise.

But for one sweet day it seemed like maybe the mob was actually supposed to be… criminal.  Did that really happen?


2 thoughts on “Is this bizzaro GH?

  1. If it happened, it was completely inadvertent.

    I love how every time they get a chance, they have Sonny plugging his whole “I don’t allow drugs to be run through my territory” bit. You know that this is Guza “subtly” reminding us that Sonny should be seen as a “good guy”. Want a medal, Sonny? Here’s one. It reads “Biggest Asshole with Delusions of Grandeur”.

    I find it amusing that we are supposed to see Sonny vs Anthony as Good vs Evil. I mean SERIOUSLY?! I think my raging hatred for Sonny surpasses any impression I have of Anthony because at least Anthony is hilariously insane, and seems to remember his lines without cue cards.

    On another note, how many more times will we be subjected to flashbacks of the Nik/Liz love scene? Really, haven’t we been through enough?

    • Oh yeah, there were still plenty of “Sonny is the hero” moments, but it seemed like there were actually more anti-Sonny/mob moments in this episode and it shocked the hell out of me. I agree, it was probably completely unintentional. Maybe the “mob is awesome” producer was out on vaca.
      I agree that Anthony is ten times more entertaining than Sonny these days. Mostly because we aren’t expected to take him seriously…unlike someone else.
      And argh, yes, I completely agree about the Nik/Liz sex scene. God, stop please. And hey, they care about each other so much they they are ready to jump into bed with other people right away. When Nik was all “do I scare you?” I practically yelled “spoiled, self-absorbed princes are not scary, they are just obnoxious!” Ugh.

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