I think GH is trying to kill me.

First, we get three (three!) episodes in a row that not only don’t suck, but are also legitimately entertaining on multiple levels. And then, while I’m still trying to process that and switch my brain from new ways to say “sucks balls” to synonyms for “delightful” and “adorable” and “THIS WAS PLEASING TO ME,” they hit me with this:


Yes, that Jonathan Jackson, most recently known as Kyle Reese on The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Emmy-winning beloved sacred cow of the 90s General Hospital acting stable, originator of the role, and all around cutie-pie:


For real, you guys. FOR REALLY REAL. As in, by the end of October. Cue flailing!

Actual chat log from this morning:

Tenillypo: holy crap
Incandescentflower: what?
man, I was doing stuff and then saw this
you are freaking me out
Tenillypo: no, no…nothing dire
Incandescentflower: well, what?
Tenillypo: http://sn.soapnet.go.com/news/article/jonathan-jackson-to-return-to-port-charles
Incandescentflower: wow
oh god
Tenillypo: I KNOW, RIGHT?
Incandescentflower: I know it will end in tragedy
but I can’t help but be gleeful. this is serious glee
especially after yesterday’s episode
Tenillypo: I KNOW, RIGHT?
I might actually have to root for Lucky and Liz now. This is so…odd
Incandescentflower: I like Greg Vaughn fine
but I love Jonathan Jackson
Tenillypo: *nods*
GV seems like a nice guy
but he’s a bit of a doof
Incandescentflower: they better not play Lucky as Jason’s whipping boy anymore
I’ll be even more pissed
After watching JJ on SCC I love him more than ever
and I totally believe he can be a hot, tough cop
Incandescentflower: my hopes and dreams are way too high for this
Tenillypo: lower your expectations!
you know better than to trust that these writers won’t fuck it up somehow
Incandescentflower: I know, I know
I can’t help myself
Incandescentflower: I KNOW! I know I need to reel it in
I just can’t calm the 12 year old girl inside of me!
I never thought this was even a remote possibility. It just is…so surreal
Tenillypo: my first thought was is this April Fools or something?

So, will this bring about the early end of the abomination that is Liz/Nik? Will Luke finally stop treating Lucky like something smelly he picked off the bottom of his shoe? Will Dante and Lucky become super cop partners and clean up the town?

…or will Guza find a way to make it all suck that much harder?

You guys. YOU GUYS. I–I just don’t know anymore. This show has it out for me, I swear. Every time I say I’m thisclose to quitting, they throw me for a loop. It’s like a sickness!

13 thoughts on “OH. MY. GOD.

  1. Weird, isn’t it? This is what, 3…4 episodes in a row that have been fun. Not only fun, but lighthearted, romantic, and all kinds of relationships got emphasis. Crazy.

    The only downside to today was that they just had to bring Sonny/Claudia back on, didn’t they? The whole sense of foreboding I get when I watch GH just seems to fade away when he’s not on. Too bad for me that doesn’t happen too often since he’s the male lead. :(

    I’m gonna wait on the whole JJ/GV thing because I wasn’t watching in the days of young Lucky, but it should be interesting…at least until the sucky writing catches up to the novelty. But maybe it’ll be different this time. Isn’t my optimism cute?

    • Your optimism is adorable!

      I figure even if it’s bad, it will at least be different, because I can’t imagine they would woo JJ back just to backburner Lucky and treat him as crappily as they’ve been doing for the past…eight years. Give or take.

      Of course, they loved Sarah Brown, too, and look what they did to her… (The return of Sonny and Claudia really did cast a pall over today’s show. Ugh.)

  2. I was watching the youthful Lucky with JJ, he was fanastic, but the writing was also better. I have to agree although am not a full-time GH watcher now, because there is nothing on I want to see now. The writing is way too lopsided for me to even get invested with anyone who is not Sonny or Jason. So why bother! I hope to give GH a chance again. Especially because I so like JJ and his version of Lucky. Although his Lucky was from a different time. The writers’ treated GV’s Lucky like the village idiot. How could you root for him? If you did you looked stupid too. He was nothing like the legacy the character deserved. So, maybe the writers’ will feel movtivated to revitalize the character they tried to ruin…but I will reserve my judgement until I see it.I am not holding out hope…because of the SB. I can’t fault SB because she didn’t return as Carly. She return to horrible character that the writers’ never took time to develop. I always felt the character of Claudia could have been a real badass if written and developed correctly. Instead she was cartoon…

    • I don’t blame Sarah Brown for Claudia, either. The character has been a hot mess from the beginning, and there’s nothing any actress could have done to change the fact that the writers chose to make her ineffective, hateful, and utterly devoid of logical motivation for anything she does. Ever.

      I’m hoping that the fact that Lucky is an established — is much maligned — character will help his writing. We’ll see.

  3. Wow! That is absolute insanity. I love Greg’s earnestness, but that photo you posted of Jonathan Jackson is….wow. When did he get so damn hot?! He was always adorable beyond comprehension, but….wow. Now he is a man. If he can actually integrate himself seamlessly without making us say WTF between Greg’s Lucky and his, I’ll be impressed. Let’s face it, he’ll have no help from the writers.

    • That picture, my friend, is one of the many reasons to watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles. :) I never thought I’d be able to accept anyone other than Michael Biehn in that role, but JJ pulled it off. If he can step into those shoes, I’m pretty sure he can handle Greg Vaughn’s…

  4. I’m sad GV is gone. However. I love me some JJ and Original LnL2. I’m so afraid of what the bad writing will bring. Let me start praying now.

          • OMG, Brian Austin Green is in it too?! Where have I been? I really am looking forward to JJ returning now. But I fear he needs to step up the manly thing, because he still seems uber young. Thank you for posting this!

          • Not only is BAG on the show, but he has a much larger role than JJ — AND he is…distressingly hot. It’s very strange.

          • Yeah that show was like my teenage girl fantasies all growed up. Not many men can wear a pair of blue jeans like Brian Austen Green. Too bad he is now a villain on Smallville. I think JJ got the better deal.

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