Wait, I’m sorry, what?

The internets are a flutter with news that James Franco will be doing a guest star stint on GH.

Just when GH pulled out what I thought was the most impossible casting stunt ever, they do this.

Our theories on why he is doing this:

  • He lost a bet with one of those Appatow guys.
  • He has sampled too much product from the Pineapple Express.
  • He has an obsessive crush on Kelly Monaco ever since she did Dancing with the Stars.
  • He is being blackmailed by Brian Frons.
  • He has some kind of contract he signed with Disney that somewhere in the fine print committed him to it.
  • Franco isn’t actually going to do it. He has an evil twin who is out to ruin his reputation.
  • He is being cosmically punished for Fool’s Gold.
  • The devil made him do it.
  • He just really respects the quality of work at GH and wants to learn at the feet of Bob Guza. I’m sure!
  • He thinks that working on soaps will be a challenge and working on GH was actually his idea? Really?

So what does this mean for the state of Port Charles come November? Your guess is as good as mine.


5 thoughts on “Wait, I’m sorry, what?

  1. Okay. Shall we take bets on the probability that he will be featured in the story of Sonny and Jason? Because this is pretty much the Sonny and Jason show.

    • The last link is to an article that includes information released by Franco’s people and they said that he will be “Jason’s worst nightmare.” Tenillypo and I think the best we could hope for is that he could be an evil “villian” who can be purely bad because he has a shelf life and won’t need to be redeemed to be kept on the show. So yeah, there is no real question that his story will be mob related. *sigh*

  2. This week has been mind blowing…1st, GH had an awesome episode last Friday; 2nd, they followed it up with 2 more awesome episodes; 3rd, the whole switcheroo chaos with GV & JJ and the news that SJB, a la Rick Hearst, is popping over to B&B; and finally, and most insane, James Franco wants to act on GH.

    And word is, there’s more news coming down the pike…


    • I think that the show is no longer satisfied with screwing with its viewers while on the air, they have now found a way to do it when the show isn’t even on!

      I have not heard that there are rumors about more news. Is this casting wise? or something else?

      • Yeah, supposedly at least one more cast addition…my guess is either VM or GF.

        And I wouldn’t be surprised if a few were let go, but that’s my spec.

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