Addendum of hotness.

So, I know I was a little harsh yesterday. And I stand by my complaints!

But in fairness, I want to note that the last episode was marginally better. And by marginally, I mean Brandon Barash brought out the big guns. And by big guns, I mean, well… this:

Johnny Emo Tear


I am helpless against its powers of making me want to snuggle him and bake him cookies. (Shut up, that’s not weird!)

18 thoughts on “Addendum of hotness.

  1. I figured that would be your reaction. Usually, I would be all blubbery and heart-wrenched to see that. Instead, I felt a tinge of empathy, followed by a rush of hatred that the writers could take one of my only pleasures I get from this show away from me. God I hate them.

    • Well, you know me very well.

      (It makes me sad to see you off the Johnny/Olivia bandwagon. Redirect your grudge at Guza!)

  2. Holy cow, was that a shocking end to Tuesday’s episode. I did not like seeing that side of Johnny at all, but in all honesty, it has always been there.

    As hotheaded as the other characters always say he is, I’ve always thought that he’s actually tightly controlled. Most of the time he’s pretty stoic and removed even when being threatened by others. His greatest fear is becoming his father, so I think he’s usually hyper aware of keeping control. That said, he definitely has his triggers…one being Claudia and another one being when he sees someone hurting someone he loves. I think those two dovetailing along with his mounting frustrations regarding his sister and the emotions fresh from the breakup ended up in his outburst.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do not like that he attacked Claudia like that…it was disturbing. But I do think that it was in character. I also think that it was in character for him to back off and turn to reasoning and then pleading with her to stop doing whatever she was doing to Olivia. I guess I see it as him warring with himself as to which parent he’d be most like, his father or his mother.

    Is that a fan wank? Maybe so, but since this show rarely gives us actual motivations for the characters, it’s what I’ll cling to because I still love Johnny.

    • Well I don’t know if that is fan wank. I can see your point. My problems are these:

      1) I have a habit of carrying grudges, especially against television shows and characters, ask Tenillypo. So when a character crosses a line I have trouble going back…which leads to 2) I know Johnny is supposed to be dark, but I don’t recall one scene where he was physically threatening to anyone in the past. I wouldn’t like him forcing himself on Olivia, but I could see it as an act of desperation. This stuff with Claudia just seems off the rails. Now, I have a crap memory for GH details, so my impression of Johnny could completely be made up in my mind. Maybe he did do something and I’ve just forgotten? Now that I say that, I’m almost positive that he’s tried to get his hands on Sonny. But I guess I could dismiss that easier since Sonny is…well Sonny. Ultimately, it would just be nice for a “leading” man on this show to not be characterized as being able to be physically violent towards women if he is “pushed too far.” For me, that is a total turn off.
      All that said, I’m hoping some space from it all will allow my Johnny love to grow once more.

      • Well, I’m not quite sure this is in the same vein, but I do remember him kinda manhandling Carly in the park and holding a gun to her head back when he first started. I think he thought she was setting a trap for him. In any case, I blame Lulu for all that, just because.

        Oh, he did beat down Sonny…it was in GH, after the warehouse explosion. He caught him in Claudia’s hospital room harassing her and add to that that he had just been released from his padded room, so he lost it on him. But it’s Sonny, so I enjoyed it. The last really disturbing thing for me was when he shot Sonny point blank a few months later when he was convinced that Sonny had done something to Claudie. I think this was when she was on Spoon Island. Sonny’s gun or something stupid like that kept him from taking the bullet, and we got Lulu’s crazy O face…so that scene was fail all around for me.

        But yeah, Johnny does have his history of not-so-nice actions.

    • Hey, fanwank away! I’m well versed in the art. It’s hard being a Liz fan these days.

      Re: Johnny, you make fair points, and I think you’re dead on about the control and stoicism issues. Part of the problem for me is that his characterization has always been kind of inconsistent. Remember how before he came on, Trevor kept talking him up as this volatile, thrill-seeking hothead who would kill a man for looking at him the wrong way and omg, you better not mess with Johnny Z, because he’s craaaaaaazy? And then they showed him inexplicably jumping off the side of a building for the hell of it (for months after, I kept expecting them to reveal Johnny has super powers, which would have been awful but also hilarious)?

      But when the character was introduced, he was, as you say, actually a tightly controlled, sensitive, calm, thoughtful, piano playing guy with a bad family. So, IMO, they’ve never succeeded in painting him as the loose canon the dialog about him wants him to be. In practice, at least, it’s seemed like the writers have been modeling Johnny more on Jason than Sonny (who actually is the volatile, violent hothead they sometimes want Johnny to be seen as). Johnny’s been portrayed as someone who thinks with his head, is loyal to the point of stupidity to people (Claudia) who he feels he owes, good with children and respectful of women. The times we’ve seen him violent or off the rails have all been the result of massive provocation or in defense of others (beating Sonny down while he was menacing a hospitalized Claudia, etc.). I mean, let’s face it, Sonny puts me into a rage blackout at least once an episode, and I don’t even have to deal with him as a real person. So, IMO, Johnny’s kind of a saint for not flipping out a little more.

      What I don’t think is consistent is him unleashing himself on someone who is physically weaker than him, as he did with Claudia. I would be all for him lashing out at her emotionally — and that’s the best way to hurt her, anyway, given their twisted dynamic. But the physicality of it really bothered me, and didn’t fit with my idea of Johnny. I blame that on the writers, and their fetish for victimizing women, however. As long as it doesn’t become a pattern, I’ll love Johnny still.

      • Yeah, I think that is exactly my issue with it all. It would be one thing if the show treated women as equals or if Sarah Brown wasn’t teeny, but the picture of him threatening her with his fist…I still cringe looking at that screencap. I also don’t have a problem with him being aggressive with her psychologically. I think they are a messed up family and that would be part of the norm.

        Like I said, give me a little time and I’ll hopefully be able to see past it. I apparently forget things in about two weeks, so that’s all I’ll need!

        • That scene was definitely jarring, but I guess the fact that they are siblings and that she didn’t cower from him helped me to get over it the next day when the scene continued. Also, I’m sick of her slap-fest against people too, not that this was a punishment or anything, but I don’t think that Claudia really listens to reason…or sympathy or human kindness, nothing at all really.

          • Very true. Anything remotely redeeming about Claudia, and that isn’t much lately, has been pissed away by this current scheme to coercively rape Dante. So disgusting. Apparently they want the character to go down in flames.

            So yeah, I completely get what you are saying.

          • Claudia’s such a mess as a character. She could have been awesome if they’d just written her as a competent bad ass and given her some motivations that made sense. The only consistent redeeming quality the character had was her love for her brother, and now it seems she couldn’t really care less about Johnny.

            Just… ugh. I cannot wait for her to leave, only I know it’s going to lead to another interminable murder “mystery,” and you know how awful this show is at those…


    I am helpless against its powers of making me want to snuggle him and bake him cookies.”

    Aaaaahhhh. After that single emo tear of man pain, I want to snuggle with him, all right, but my version of snuggling is R rated.

    • *laughs*

      My interests lay more with giving Olivia an R rated snuggle, but excessive man pain in pretty boys will always bring out my mothering instincts… and maybe a dirty threesome fantasy. (Sorry, TMI? :)

      • LMAO!!!! I get that…lol….Olivia in my opinion looks fab and hot and so I totally get your interests in giving her an R rated snuggle. I think she is looking more and more beautiful. Many of my gay bfs are fighting me for Johnny but whatever. I, like you, harbor that mothering instinct thing sometimes, but not so much with Johnny….with him, I imagine the ways I could….uh, never mind.

        • Yeah, I’ve always had a thing for hot older women (I watched Alias for Lena Olin, not Jennifer Garner). Guess that’s one thing Johnny and I have in common! Heh.

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