Really, Maxie? Maybe you should worry about your non-marriage instead.

Okay, I understand that Maxie and Robin’s conversation was the writers trying to set up this “hilarious” scene where Patrick brings the ADA back to his house and Robin is in a ridiculous outfit. Embarrassment! Confusion! Hijinx!

(Seriously, who could think this outfit is sexy? I’m starting to think Crimson is in some serious trouble.)


But wasn’t there a way to do this without having to listen to Maxie spew the “Women can’t let their men stray” bull?


I happen to think the fact that Patrick knows exactly what Robin would normally be doing on a night after work to be extremely romantic and sexy. But, what do I know? I’m one of those women who have been married for years and should be spending my time trying to figure out how to keep my man interested instead of having thoughts about equality in relationships, and my own sexual and romantic needs!

Isn’t Patrick adorable, with his new found love for karaoke? The writers are going to beat this one to death, but I don’t care if we keep getting hot, fun-loving Patrick!


Speaking of romantic and sexy – when Johnny was all brooding at Olivia during that random dude’s rendition of  Against All Odds, I may have teared up a bit. It was my double kryptonite! Cheesy music and teary-eyed men! At that moment I promised myself that if Johnny sang in this episode, I’d forgive him.



And viola! Sexy, angsty singing. *Sigh* Welcome back hot Johnny!

14 thoughts on “Really, Maxie? Maybe you should worry about your non-marriage instead.

    • It really is! I never wanted to leave. They forced me out. Hopefully they will keep the misogynistic violence out of my happy place!

  1. I agree it is nice and wonderful to have a man who knows you! My husband would not be able to do anything put laugh so hard he would cry if he came home to me dressed like that. But that could also be because I don’t think I would look as good as Kimberly did.

    And who is Maxie to be giving romance advice. I believe Robin is the one married and happy.

    • While I didn’t like that Robin followed through with her advice, I did think that it was completely in character with Maxie. This is the same girl that flipped out every time she saw Spinelli within a 10 yard radius of Winnifred, so I do believe she believes the crap she’s spewing.

      I blame all this on Spinelli.

  2. Sexy? It would take half an hour to get out of that neon pink faux fur metallic pleather nightmare :-( Tights and body suits, just ewwy. And you know what her normally sexy beautiful hair is gonna look like after being stuck in that crap wig? Oy, NOT SEXY.

    This juvenile fantasy screams Spinelli and his goofball video games not Robin and Patrick! How about some sexy lingerie or one of his tshirts? Now that makes sense and is also sexy. JMO.

    Kimberly and Jason can totally pull this off if it is written well on Monday. They have great comedic rapport but the writer’s don’t, so there is my fear.

    We get so little sex for this couple, why does it have to be offscreen or goofy?

    And I have loved the karaoke, but if they beat it to death and make it the new mob I am gonna cry.

    • Hah…they could just merge the karaoke with the mob and create GH: West Side Story.

      If Patrick makes it to one more karaoke night, does anyone else think that an intervention might be in order?

      • An intervention might be more interesting than the plot they are giving Patrick and Robin lately. When they started making out yesterday, I was stupid enough to think we might finally get a love scene. God, at this point I would take one with Kimberly wearing that stupid outfit! Ahh!

  3. Yeah, that outfit is hideous – it even eclipsed the annoyance of Maxie’s shrieky thing she has going half the time.

    The fact that Maxie was spewing that “work to keep your man” garbage didn’t even get to me as much as my growing fear that this is a sloppy and transparent build-up to some ridiculous triangle involving that assistant DA. Like, seriously, why do they keep inserting her into random scenes? And by the way, what happened with Max and Max’s brother and all of that? Is Max recovering? Did his brother go home?! Did I miss an episode somewhere where they tied that up? I’m actually asking; by all means, set me straight if I did miss something.

    And Johnny. Oh, Johnny. Every day, I am more floored that this character snuck up out of nowhere and made me love him. I think he might actually be my favorite guy on GH right now (with Dante a close second)!

    • Um, I will have to consult with our GH historian, Tenillypo, but as far as I know they have just forgotten that Max and Diane exists. Milo was the driver for the wedding, so I’m assuming that if Max was in dire straights he wouldn’t have been there, but I wouldn’t put anything past this effing show.

      • You know what else they just plum forgot? The fact that weeks ago, Kristina had this whole line about remembering a woman’s red shoes while she was trapped under the carnival ride – then SEEING them on Claudia…WTF? What was the point of that if they planned to drop the ball? Not that I would have bought it at all – there was no indication to me in that scene that Claudia even looked down when she passed her in the wreckage. Swear to god, I think they pass around storylines in a hat and each person writes without a glance at the last related script. This effing show indeed.

  4. The outfit may not work on its own but I thought Kimberly looked pretty hot. She has a dynamite figure for such a petite young woman.

    • This is yet another case of the writers knowing that they have something good, but not understanding why. Fans like karaoke because they like seeing characters having fun and interacting with a good portion of the Port Charles population, instead of the select few that seem to get the majority of air time. So instead of realizing this and building a stronger web in their stories where they integrate characters and plots they are going to throw microphones in their hands and have them be obsessed with karaoke. Pretty much the same, right? Ugh.
      Unfortunately, I think Mac may have reached his maximum allowable screen time this year and may not come out again until after the New Year. *sigh*

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