Oh Patrick, your naivety is adorable!

I spend most of my time watching this show with half of my brain off. Otherwise I would constantly be hung up on the inconsistencies and implausibilities. But every once in a while, I just can’t look past the insanity.

This new twist in the “who shot Michael” plot is laughable. The idea that they could just transfer Ian’s files to a conference room is such a ridiculous notion. Who brought them there? What person would leave confidential files in a unlocked conference room? I’ve worked with medical records. They are kept under close lock and key.  Ugh.

And when Robin and Patrick said that it would be legal for them to look at it and not Sam and Jason, for a moment I thought, “Wow, that is actually right.” But I don’t know why they bothered even saying that since Jason was pawing through confidential files with Patrick in the next scene. Yes, Sam, that is a serious medical ethics violation punishable with loss of a medical license! But no one gives a crap about that because it would get in the way of this conversation:

Jason: Are you sure that you want to get involved in this?

Patrick:I feel like I owe it to Michael. If I was paying more attention to Ian maybe I could have help prevent some of this. And I realize it is a little late now, but if we find an accomplice and bring him to Mac, maybe we can get him prosecuted.

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously Patrick? Thankfully, he isn’t as dumb as he seemed in that scene:

Patrick: I realize it probably isn’t your standard operating procedure  to bring the accomplice in Michael’s shooting to the police. You probably want him dead like Ian.

Did anyone else half expect Patrick to use air quotes around “standard operating procedure?”

And Patrick, how could you even insinuate that Jason is the cold, hard killer that he… well, is. We must let him set the record straight:

Jason: I didn’t murder Ian. He had a knife to Maxie so I really didn’t have a choice.

Patrick: I believe you Jason. [Ed. note:*head desk*] But at the same time, you still want your revenge. Guess the bigger question is, what did it prove? What does killing anyone ever prove?

Oh sweet, sweet, silly, stupid Patrick. I know you are saying this to assuage your guilt when your help in this eventually leads to someone’s death. The fact that he and Robin are both so nonchalant about the mob often infuriates me. This is even worse. The fact that they are insinuating Patrick knows what is inevitably going to happen and either: A) thinks he can somehow get Jason to act differently, or B) will help him anyway is just insulting. He’s a doctor, for God’s sake. He saves lives for a living.

I just… I can’t think about this anymore. The idiocy is melting my brain.

3 thoughts on “Oh Patrick, your naivety is adorable!

  1. GOD, I am so tired of Jason. I really am. And I’m tired of this show trying to ram it down my throat that even though he murders people for a living, Jason is a saint. Are they really going to have him shoot a woman in the head? Really?!

    • Well, unfortunately nothing would surprise me at this point. But yeah, I used to LOVE Jason. Now, I just want him off my tv screen.

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