Countdown to disgust, nausea and rage

It is so unfortunate that Sarah Brown’s exit has to come in the same week as Jonathan Jackson’s premiere. This whole build up to Claudia’s inevitably disgustingly violent death is making me writhe with pain. I should be giddy with joy. Instead I have to hear Patrick described with the four words I never wanted to hear:

Robin: You sound like Sonny.

No! Uh uh. No way. Undo. No more. DO NOT WANT!

I really, really hate it when the writers don’t treat Patrick and Robin like the intelligent doctors they are supposed to be. The fact that they didn’t think of the consequences of helping Jason beforehand is ridiculous.  And the fact that they have Robin basically saying “Oh well, not our problem,” is beyond illogical. Why have them have this discussion in the first place? Enough Patrick and Robin nonsense, please. I’d much rather see Robin dressed up like a space princess any day.

And hey, it makes sense that Michael is turning out to be the sociopath he was raised to be. But couldn’t Kristina argue with Michael that killing Claudia is WRONG? Can no one on this show utter these words?

Even Sam is talking about Jason killing Claudia like they are deciding what kind of sandwich to have for lunch. I’m just so tired of all the blah, blah, blahing about justice. The moral hitman, killing for what is right! Who needs a justice system when you have Jason Morgan?! Puke.  Can’t one person confront them? Can’t one individual ask who made Sonny and Jason God? Oh wait, yes. Nevermind. That was Bob Guza.

I just can’t handle it when the supposed rational characters decide that the legal system doesn’t work and they should just look the other way. Get your mob brainwashing off my fun, sexy doctors!

I can’t believe I’m already this enraged and it is only Monday. It is only going to get worse. And how futile is it to hope that the Spencer material will lift my spirits and take away from the mob suck? I think that is just about as likely as Jason’s halo finally being knocked off.

4 thoughts on “Countdown to disgust, nausea and rage

  1. Oh, good. You’ve voiced everything I was already screaming in my head. All I can really add is that, with Claudia leaving, I am positively TERRIFIED for Johnny’s life.

    • Oh yeah, I definitely fear that too. I’m hoping his character has gotten popular enough that they need to keep him around, whether TPTB like it or not.

      I have been sick for the past week and all I wanted was to be able to have some squee about JJ coming back. Of course, they can even ruin that before it starts.

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