Ding dong, the eye-liner’s gone.

As if Jonathan Jackson’s return (more on that to come, I promise) wasn’t enough, now word is coming down the pike that Natalia Livingston is out. Again. Some more.

My short reaction: THANK GOD.

Slightly longer reaction: What the hell is going on behind the scenes at this show lately? It’s like a revolving door of cast members. I’m not complaining — the only even slightly redeeming part of Emily’s death was getting rid of Natalia Livingston’s painfully bad acting, inability to emote, and irritating baby voice. Her return as Rebecca has been a train wreck  in every single way, and I could not be happier to see her go.

I know that questioning any of the terrible storytelling choices made on this show is pointless (answer: the writers are hacks), but still… why did they even bother bringing her back if they had no idea what to do with her? For that matter, why did they get rid of her in the first place, if they were just going to bring her back as a different and even more annoying character?

Because I’ve wracked my brain, and I just cannot fathom how even the hackiest hack in the world could think that sacrificing Emily fucking Quartermaine was worth it when all we got in return was a zombie serial killer, Nikolas spending months having sex with his own brain tumor, sweet Paige Bowen retconned into a black market baby dealer, and Natalia Livingston back on my screen every week less than eight months later — only this time under the mistaken impression that gum, a beret, and eye-liner so thick you could see it from space made her a bad ass:

Beret of EVIL


Anyway, with three of the four original Musketeers reconstituted, is it too much to hope for an Emily recast/resurrection?

(Oh, shush, of course it is. The Jonathan Jackson high hasn’t left me completely brain dead.)


5 thoughts on “Ding dong, the eye-liner’s gone.

  1. …And they trashed Emily’s birth mother for that mess. Unbelievable. *rolls eyes*

    My GOD, her whole return just drove me mad.

    TPTB would have to bring back Amber Tamblyn for me to get behind a 4 Musketeers reunion.

  2. Oh thank goodness there is someone else out there that found Natalia Livingston to be a complete bore. I have never understood how so many people thought that she and tyler had any chemistry together. before i started my own (http://addicted2gh.wordpress.com) blog site i would fast forward through every scene she was in. emily quartermaine used to be one of my favorite characters (amber tamblyn days of course), but since natalia began to play her i have just hated her. thank goodness she will be gone soon.

    • I was on a break from the show when she was recast. When I started watching again and found her playing Emily, it was just weird… she’s never felt right to me. Kind of like Greg Vaughn, bless him, never felt like Lucky to me. They’re pod people versions.

      (I don’t see the chemistry with TC either. I think there are some people who really dig the whole fairytale prince fantasy that the show tried to play up with them. I just… don’t, I guess.)

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