This show is like an offer I can’t refuse.

My feelings for yesterday’s episode could be boiled down to “meh” with a side of “blah.”

It’s always nice to see large numbers of the cast together in one place and looking pretty, but the mob focus and the enormous amounts of continuity and hypocrisy FAIL on display kind of sucked most of the fun out of it for me.

The Good:

Dante and Lulu continue to delight, and Maxie acting like a protective BFF was nice. Also, Johnny in chains is a visual always guaranteed to please me.

sexy chains

(What? I’m easy!)

The Bad:

Incandescentflower: I was sad that there was no Lucky on GH yesterday.

Tenillypo: Me too.
I might have actually wailed “WHERE’S LUUUUUCKY?” at one point.

Incandescentflower: I was also upset because I had hoped the horrible violence would be over on Thursday. I was dumb to hope that.

Tenillypo: You were naive to hope that. I’m just hoping Claudia’s party night doesn’t turn into another monthday for sweeps.

Incandescentflower: Nooooess!
All I could do was roll my eyes at Sonny’s 20 minute speech.

Tenillypo: I actually put it on mute and just read the subtitles.
It was boring and giving me contact embarrassment.

Incandescentflower: Where did Morgan come up with those plier things?

Tenillypo: Yeah, and if Sonny’s kids are so well guarded, as they’re constantly telling us, then why are Morgan and Molly able to wander all over town, including the dangerous ass docks?


Carly, mother of the year, had no idea where either of her children were in this episode.

I love that Mercedes was just hanging out, doing chores without any of the kids when Johnny came in with Morgan and Molly. Is she now the live-in maid as well as nanny?

Incandescentflower: Isn’t she still working for Robin too? Somehow?

Tenillypo: No idea. Robin doesn’t need a nanny now that her PPD is magically cured!

Incandescentflower: Morgan seems to just wander around town alone a lot.

Tenillypo: He’s always alone! It’s ridiculous! Sonny’s “protection” is a joke. And his whole loyalty spiel made me yak.

Incandescentflower: Oh yeah, I know. To Sonny, loyalty means being a robot and doing exactly what he wants without any feelings of your own.

Tenillypo: And Jason and Sam kept repeating that maybe Sonny would “do the right thing,” where Doing the Right Thing = KILLING HIS WIFE.

Incandescentflower: I really hate Jason and Sam right now. They deserve to go to jail for a very long time.

Tenillypo: And then the mayor showing up for the first time in months, when they couldn’t even be bothered to show him having a single reaction to his wife’s death! And there’s been no political fallout for him, because that’s totally likely.

Incandescentflower: Yeah, that was hilarious to me.

Tenillypo: I’m getting pissed off again just thinking about all the things that annoyed me. Dante and Lulu and Maxie were the only parts that didn’t, and Johnny with the kids. Because they’re cute.

Incandescentflower: Well, of course there hasn’t been… because he’s apparently been in Sonny’s back pocket the entire time. No wonder he wanted Alexis as DA, even though she now has a criminal record.

Tenillypo: If he’s been in Sonny’s pocket, 1) he shouldn’t be advertising it openly, and 2) Sonny should have used that to help Alexis.

Incandescentflower: No question.

Tenillypo: Also, wasn’t she stripped of her job as part of the plea bargain she made for supposedly running Claudia off the road? So him offering it back was a joke.

Incandescentflower: I started wondering if she would even have her license to practice law if she was convicted of leaving the scene of a crime. Maybe that is only a misdemeanor, not that reality matters to them at all…

Tenillypo: Yeah. Well, the fact that she’d ever be DA at all after working for the local mob kingpin for years… This show, I swear.

Incandescentflower: Yes. It hurts the mind.

Tenillypo: Truly.

I’d like to add that although Carly is far from my favorite character, I was cheerfully rooting for her to punch Marty the Hotel Manager when, on Jax’s orders, he attempted to physically block her from entering the hotel that she owns to collect her kid from a mafia party.

Carly WTF

I mean, seriously, how fucking patronizing and gross was that? What, did Jax think that Sonny mocking him the other day for not being able to “control his wife” was a legitimate criticism he should try and rectify, rather than yet another sign that Sonny is the biggest effing misogynist douche on the planet?

(Sorry, that title rightly still goes to Guza, whose rocks were clearly got off by that ridiculous and pointless Claudia/Olivia cat fight at the beginning.)

In conclusion: UGH.


2 thoughts on “This show is like an offer I can’t refuse.

  1. Hehe…I had most of the same reactions (see my comment on Thursday’s post) as you guys. It makes watching a little less painful when I’m reminded that other people actually see what I see!

    Did anyone else find themself thinking during Sonny’s rambling, “If only Claudia’s hit had been successful…”?

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