The significance of one moment

Who knew that one gesture could fill me with such mixed emotions? One motion, one choice by Jonathan Jackson’s Lucky Spencer told us so much.

Lucky putting his hands into his pockets, prepared to leave Jason the keys to allow him to escape, tells us that the writers intend to make this Lucky more sympathetic to Jason and possibly more of an ally.

The Good: The writers are now looking at Lucky as more of a hero, instead of a whipping boy.

The Bad: Lucky is mob sympathetic? Argh. Why? Why do you have to be willing to bend the law on this show to be a hero? Gah.

Mutual good vibes between Lucky and Jason aren’t exactly new now that they share a son. But Lucky being willing to break the law with a 99.9% probability that Jason will kill someone? Seriously?

I’m really tired of them using the “well, what would you do if it was your child?” excuse, which started with Patrick and is now getting shoved onto Lucky. I’m sorry, but there is a distinct difference between doing anything to protect your child and doing anything to get revenge on someone who hurt your child. Why can’t this show admit they are not one in the same? Because that would require nuanced morality instead of a complete lack of it.

And yet, this Lucky seeing the gray makes for a more interesting character. Instead of existing solely to pay lip service to mob opposition, this Lucky might actually get his own plot.

Damn them for making me root for something that makes me die a little inside! Bastards.


5 thoughts on “The significance of one moment

  1. Oh, nooooo, don’t be tempted to drink the Koolaid, Incandescentflower. Don’t do it! : )

    Don’t you love how everyone is all, “Jason will find them! Jason can find anyone!!! He is omnipotent!!!” Just when I start enjoying this show again, they have to remind me how much I hate it. And of course I keep coming back for more. I can’t help myself.

    • It is a sickness we all share. I want Lucky to stand up to the mob. I really do! I guess I’m just okay with him doing it in a more nuanced way. Man, I really hate these writers.

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