Come on over here, Johnny. I’ll take care of you.

Just when I think GH can do nothing but suck, it somehow strikes me with something other than rage.

It started with Johnny and Dante agreeing to be partners, something I had been hoping would happen for a while. I wish Johnny could be completely out of the mob during their team up, but I’ll take what I can get.

When I heard that Sarah Brown was leaving, I secretly hoped that Claudia would die (in a non-gruesome, non-sexist way – naive, I know) and that — à la Ryan during the 4th season of The OC — Johnny would get some good heart-wrenching angst. Thinking about it now, their characters are much alike. I am a sucker for poor, abandoned boys.

And somehow, the stars aligned on Friday and we got this:


and this:


Oh, Johnny, how I would love to console you during your time of grief.

This tore out my heart. I am fully willing to admit I cried. And not just a tear up, but full blown tears. When I watched this scene a second time to make these screencaps, it killed me all over again. Brandon Barash is amazing here. I hope we get more of Johnny’s beautiful, vulnerable sadness.

Adding this to the fact that I enjoyed the Lucky and Jason scenes, I found myself not screaming for 99% of the episode. How strange.


It’s a little annoying that Lucky and Jason have had more screen time together in the last two weeks than the last two years, but that’s because they actually value Jonathan Jackson, so of course they have to put him on screen with one of the stars. Fine. Whatever. I will do my best to ignore this because these two actors obviously work well together. I found Lucky’s testing Jason to be funny, and appreciated a different take on Jason’s stalemate reaction to the cops.

In fact, Jonathan Jackson even made Steve Burton’s bitchface more enjoyable:


I know I’m ignoring a large amount of suck right now. The fact that Sonny has the nerve to blame Jax for what happened to Carly, and that Carly is — of course — blaming Jax but not Jason and Sonny for putting Michael in danger was expected and still vomit-inducing.

And despite the fact that I find myself to be yet again rooting for Michael to turn out to be the sociopath that Sonny, Jason and Carly so dearly deserve, I still know that this will not happen. Michael will continue to be praised for the righteousness of his actions and he will continue to spiral deeper and deeper into the Sonny persona.

So at least we have that to look forward to! Suck.


5 thoughts on “Come on over here, Johnny. I’ll take care of you.

  1. “Possibly related posts (automatically generated) Fun in the Afternoon: Most Romantic Couples” I think your blog is sleeping with Guza.

  2. “It’s a little annoying that Lucky and Jason have had more screen time together in the last two weeks than the last two years, but that’s because they actually value Jonathan Jackson, so of course they have to put him on screen with one of the stars.”

    This is exactly what bugs me the most about all this GV/JJ/Lucky stuff. Every time I see JJ’s Lucky getting more airtime, more dialog and more s/l than GV ever did and this intense feeling of bitterness comes over me. I liked GV’s Lucky and always wanted more and better for his Lucky. Yet, I’ve always liked Lucky and I am pleased to see more Lucky but at what cost? Is Lucky going to be yet another Jason/mob sympathizer? Will he finally “see the light” and quit the force? If the past few days are any indication, I am concerned about the character of Lucky Spencer. Jason Quartermaine was a “bore” who was destined to sit on the back burner watching the action happen while on the sideline. Guza got his hands on him and look what happened? He’s an intolerable star now.

    • Yeah, I liked GV’s Lucky too. And I felt like he never got a fair shake. It just annoys me that I’ve spent all this time watching and it is clear the writers could (and are now) doing better.
      But yes, this is why I’m torn. I don’t want Lucky to be a mob sympathizer, but I do want him to get more screen time/better stories. In a non-Guza world, I wouldn’t have to choose!

  3. Actually, I may be in the minority but I like Lucky as a cop. If history serves me correctly the heros of this show has always been the cops.I just hope that JJ’s Lucky can finally brings the balance to the show.(Nothing aganist GV.) At first I didn’t mine the mobsters in PC in the mid to late 90’s. However, the last 10+ years it has all been about the mob. (Not even good mob stories at that.)The writing for years has been one sided for Sonny and Jason…telling me I have to like it. That they are the guys to root for…without any moral reason behind it. They can do what ever they want and its okay. It drove me to not watch for years. I sparely watch now,but I hope it gets better because I want to see what they do with Lucky. I just hope they don’t bring JJ back for the Lucky character to turn to the mob. Now, if they can hook him up with Dante then we will have a show.

    • I don’t think you are in the minority, at least in terms of the people I know and hear from who watch this show. Now, in terms of the TPTB, they obviously don’t like cops very much and don’t let them win, which is why I am very fearful that because they like JJ they will have to make Lucky be less of a cop.
      We here at Despair completely agree with all your sentiments about the transition from the mob being interesting drama to boring, spoon fed, crap.
      My dream is to have Dante, Lucky and Johnny all working on a detective squad. I would watch the hell out of that!

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