I think I need my ears checked…

… because I never thought I’d hear this:

JASON: I put Michael right in the middle of violence. He grew up watching people like me, like Sonny. Grew up thinking money, power, intimidation were the way to solve problems.
SAM: But, you love Michael. And you gave him to Sonny because you respected him, and you thought he would be the better father.
JASON: I don’t know what would have happened if I would have left him at the Quartermaines. But I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have killed somebody.

Hot damn! I’ve been waiting for twelve years for someone to notice how creepy Michael is! And admit that maybe — just maybe! — life with the Q’s might have been a little healthier for him!

(On the other hand, can I just say how tired I am of hearing “but you love him!” as the knee jerk response to any criticism of Jason or Sonny’s parenting techniques? Guess what, General Hospital writers? People can love children and still royally fuck them up!  Also: shut up, Sam.)


Then, this happened:

Nik go BOOM

Lucky goes BATSHIT


Dream sequence? Personal gift to the fans? Guza finally off his gourd?


But one thing is for sure: it was hilarious.


4 thoughts on “I think I need my ears checked…

  1. Haha. Loved the dream sequence. Too funny.

    Oh, that Jason scene would’ve been better if they took out Sam and inserted Robin. With Robin only giving him that “Told you so” bitch face. Suck on that, Cottage Hell!

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