This is getting ridiculous.

So, apparently, Chad Brannon’s back for one day only in December:

Incandescentflower: I swear, they now have a person in the casting department with the title “Stunt Casting Director.”

Tenillypo: Well, they had some extra money for it after they fired everyone in charge of continuity…

My hope? Is that somehow ZombieZander can team up with ZombieDiego and wreak havoc all over town. It’ll take the combined power of TWO zombies to get rid of Natalia Livingston this time, y’all!

(Otherwise, she’ll just be back again in a month as the previously unknown triplet sister of Emily and Rebecca, who was sold by Paige Bowen to a traveling circus as a baby and has now come to exact her terrible, acrobatic revenge on all who deprived her of her birthright!)


2 thoughts on “This is getting ridiculous.

  1. My question is why did they bring NL back at all? Her new character seemed irrelevant and the writer’s seem to have no idea how to make her relevant. Why couldn’t she have been Emily after all. This could have even worked in what I see now as the disaterous Nik/Liz/Lucky triangle into a functional quadrangle with Nik/Liz/Lucky/Emily. It could even play into the Cassandine war, as Helena could have brainwashed Emily. I didn’t see the need of changing Emily’s family history. But what do I know and NL is now leaving anyway.

    • I’m very curious to know what they real scoop is on NL leaving again. I agree, this return has been a pointless disaster, and it couldn’t be more obvious that, as usual, they have no plan.

      My ideal save for this story would be a reveal that Rebecca is really Emily, and then a recast to a better actress. But the odds of that happening seem slim at best. *sighs*

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