Did I seriously just sit through a lecture on the warning signs of abuse from Sonny fucking Corinthos? That really happened, right? I didn’t accidentally overdose on acid and start having nightmarish hallucinations?

You know, I have never had any illusions that Johnny and Olivia would actually be endgame in this story. But it’s been so long since I felt tingly butterflies about any of the couples on this show, I went against all my better instincts and let myself get invested. Sure, she’ll end up with Sonny eventually, I thought. But there’s no harm in enjoying it while I can.

Well, you got me, show! You got me good!

What I didn’t suspect was that — not content to merely ruin Olivia forever — the writers would also go out of their way to wreck Johnny in the process:

DANTE: He’s Anthony Zacchara’s son, I mean, we know he used to be crazy. He had a whole team of lawyers following him around and cleaning up after him.
SONNY: True.
He’s unstable. Insanity runs in that family!

SONNY: Not that long ago, Johnny was out of control, jumping off buildings, wrecking cars. I’m just saying, he may be going over the edge, because of what happened to his sister.

It’s funny how the writers developed amnesia about that five seconds of early, bizarre characterization for over TWO YEARS, yet now that the smear campaign has kicked into full gear, they’re suddenly all about continuity.

SONNY: But do we really know what Johnny’s capable of doing? Are you safe with him?
OLIVIA: Johnny would never hurt me.
SONNY: That’s exactly what my mother used to say.

Oh, fuck you, Sonny.

Let’s not even get started on Sonny having the nerve to suggest Johnny is the guy with control issues in the very same scene where he repeatedly dismissed Olivia’s feeling and instincts, condescendingly ordered her to look at him, and refused to leave until she’s repeated what he wanted her to say.

I don’t know where they’re going with this since we all know that Johnny had nothing to do with that photograph, but the fact that they would even try to justify Olivia being afraid of him makes me ill. And to have Sonny — SONNY! — of all people, leading the charge… well, I think my irony meter just exploded.

This is bringing back traumatic memories of the way everyone suddenly became convinced that kind, respectful, gorgeous Cooper Barrett was a serial killer who was going to murder Maxie… right before he ended up murdered himself. General Hospital does not treat its red herrings well.

I swear to God, if they make Johnny either violent with Olivia in any way or sacrifice him as one of “Franco’s” victims, I MAY LOSE MY MIND.

Elsewhere on the crazy-making spectrum, I submit the following for your consideration:


Gee, I sure can see why Elizabeth is having such trouble picking between Lucky and Nikolas. The way Nikolas makes her laugh and smile — her eyes just shine with joy whenever she looks at him! When she looks at Lucky, she’s all anger and despair…


The only way this story possibly make sense is if it turns out she and Nikolas have been brainwashed by Helena the entire time.


8 thoughts on “OH HELL NO.

  1. AHHHHH! I was so angry at that scene. I am going to do something rash if they have Johnny hurt or threaten to hurt Olivia.
    Hey show, just because you say someone is dangerous and crazy over and over – that is not characterization! You suck.
    Also, I had the same feelings about Liz and Lucky. How can they pretend that Elizabeth is only torn because she wants to love Lucky that way, but doesn’t? Their chemistry is so strong that Becky Herbst can’t even pull back from it. WTF. Not that I’d ever believe she is actually sexually attracted to Nikolas, but if they at least showed her as having equal feelings for both of them I could swallow it a little better.
    God, I hate this show so much. The only thing that will be different tomorrow is that they will be using an “A list actor” to kill my soul.

    • The problem is they did show that characterization. But it was two years ago, and they dropped it after about two days with no explanation. Everything we’ve seen of this character since then — other than that horrible incident with Claudia a few weeks ago, which we already ranted about — has been the exact opposite of everything Sonny and Dante were saying.

      If this was a real soap, everyone would be warning Olivia against Johnny and she’d defend him because she really did know him better and trust him. And she’d be vindicated. But this is GH, so it would not surprise me at all if they have him flip out and attack her today. I’ll be enraged, but not surprised.

      • No it won’t be surprising. And I have blocked Johnny’s violence toward Claudia out of my mind. But yes, they mentioned it for like one or two episodes. I still don’t think that makes for characterization. *sigh*

  2. If their aim is to make me hate Sonny with a fire that burns hotter than the sun, mission accomplished. And let me say, for the record, that Carly is now fighting Sonny and Jason for that top spot on my *hitlist*, pun intended.

    If they kill off Johnny and Sonny continues to draw breath, I don’t even know what I’ll do. I really don’t.

    P.S. Nikolas and Liz continue to make no sense, and I continue to be unable to look at or listen to more than 2 or 3 seconds at a time of their nasty groping scenes. Is this show trying to kill me?

  3. From what I hear Brandon Barash is leaving the show. Which I hope is so not true. Because lately he has been knocking it out of the park. Personally I think it is tragic that Sonny is trying to make Olivia think that Johnny is dangerous considering his own daughter is in an abusive relationship.

    • Oh, man. Really? That would suck, because Johnny is one of the only bright spots on this show, and you know they won’t be able to resist taking him out in an explosion of bad taste.


      • Seriously???? Of his own volition? Are we going to be treated to complete character assassination now?

        This makes me really sad, because I agree, he is one of my only bright spots, too. The only exit that would make me happy would be if he turns state’s evidence against Sonny and has to go into witness protection or something. Preferably with a woman worthy of him in tow (unfortunately this now excludes Olivia *rolls eyes*).

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