Sometimes a male perspective is… hilarious.

I could write a post about how uncreative the Patrick and Robin plot is (yawn). I could say something about how uncomfortable it was to hear Patrick reminisce about his past sexual encounters with Lisa (ewwww!).  I could say how awesome I think Jonathan Jackson is (because he so is).

I could even delve into how mind-numbingly stupid this “mystery” photographer story has been thus far. (Really show? You expect anyone to even remotely suspect Johnny after seeing a million promos for James Franco as an “artist”? Really?)

Instead, I’ll simply leave you with a quote from my husband in response to that Nikolas/Elizabeth dream sequence:

“I think he is the grossest person I have ever seen.”

Enough said.


8 thoughts on “Sometimes a male perspective is… hilarious.

  1. I just have to say that I love your guys blog. It is so refreshing to see that I am not the only one who finds this show to be idiotic and insane sometimes (ok most of the time). But like you i can’t seem to quit it either.

    • Thank you! It does really help to know that other people feel the same way. I’ve checked out your blog. I’ve enjoyed your commentary as well.

  2. Hehehe….I would pay to have seen the accompanying look on your husband’s face. I’m sure your response was simply, “…RIGHT????”

  3. Even though I don’t find Nikolas to be at all gross (yes, I’m twisted that way), I still loved reading your rant. My husband can’t watch Jason for 30 seconds without making a snarky remark. He (my husband) is way more entertaining than the show.

    • I feel that you are very much allowed your own opinion on that one. And I admit, it wasn’t long ago that I wasn’t completely turned off by him. This whole Liz/Nik thing was the final straw.

      Watching GH with my husband is definitely the most entertaining thing about this show. I’m not sure how I got him to sit around so much during it, but his commentary is frequent and welcome.

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