Franco! Franco! Franco!

I cannot express how weird it is to see General Hospital popping up in my RSS feed from non-soapy sources. NPR is covering this. NPR!


Tenillypo: It kind of feels like people rooting around in my underwear drawer, you know? It is strangely intrusive. This show is my dirty little secret, people! Stop looking at it!
Incandescentflower: That is funny. I really couldn’t care less. Except that I find the reactions amusing.
Tenillypo: I don’t know how I feel. You know how your instinct is to be defensive of the things that are yours, even when you slag on them yourself? But in this case, there really is no defense. So I’m all torn.
Incandescentflower: Yeah, I really don’t feel possessive of GH one bit. Feel free to rag away, general public!
Tenillypo: It’s like… I’ve done my time. I’ve watched this craphole for years! I’ve suffered for it! You posers who just showed up, where the hell have you been?
Incandescentflower: I guess I would feel that way if I didn’t believe that my commitment to this show is nothing more than self-punishment.
Tenillypo: You don’t get to just sit down for one hour and think you have the skills to mock this show. You have to earn it! This is the hard stuff, man. It’s like the crystal meth of bad tv!

ANYWAY. James Franco is here, and apparently it has been the slowest news week ever, because the whole entertainment world wants to talk about it.

I should probably confess that while I adored him as dreamy Daniel Desario, I’m not really a huge Franco fan. But the spectacle of it all has been kind of hilarious, I’ll give him that much.

On Friday’s much-anticipated debut, he had about four lines (and one AWESOME wave), so it was hard to judge exactly how good/bad/cheesy/ridiculous/all of the above his performance would be. But yesterday we got to see him interacting with the “big guns” of Port Charles. (Pun intended!)

Sadly, this includes Maurice Bernard:

SONNY: I would imagine a lot of research goes into something like that.
FRANCO: I read a lot.
SONNY: Gotta be careful, you know, because you read too much, it clouds your thinking.

I would accuse Sonny of many things, but “reading too much” is definitely not one of them. On the other hand, his thinking is usually pretty cloudy. Damnit, now I’m all confused!

Rumor has it Guza took personal charge of all the Franco scenes. I have to wonder if there is any tiny sliver of his brain even the slightest bit aware of the irony in having his fake pussy-cat mobsters handing out lectures about artists who think they understand death or violence because they’ve read about it. It’s all so meta! Guza just basically called himself a poser!

My personal verdict is that Franco seemed to be holding his own and having a good time. I appreciate the soapy flare he’s putting into his line readings. He has clearly embraced the cheese! I also thought he and Kristin Storms sparked well together. I’m not sure where this is going, since the likelihood of the writers breaking up her and Spinelli seems sadly and vanishingly small, but I’ll enjoy Franco’s cat and mouse game with her as long as it lasts. And any story that has Jason flipping his shit like he did yesterday is at least a nice change of pace.

If only we didn’t know Franco was guaranteed to lose! Oh, well. Can’t have everything.

The only other thing I cared about these past few days has been Johnny and Olivia’s big fight. You might recall I was a little bullshit about the anvils they’d been dropping about Johnny going over the edge. So it was a great relief to see this confrontation proceed without any overt nastiness, flung barware, or whore epithets.

I’m also glad that although Olivia was clearly upset about having hurt Johnny, she stuck to her guns and didn’t grovel or beg for forgiveness. So refreshing! Unfortunately, it’s probably also another sign that she and Johnny are doomed as a couple, but I’ll take what I can get.

For Johnny’s part, I liked that his sense of betrayal over her lack of trust in him came through above all else. And his disgusted reaction to her mentioning Dante’s fears of him hurting her was perfect.

Hey, look at that, writers! It is possible for a man to be angry with a woman without calling her a bitch/slut/tramp!


2 thoughts on “Franco! Franco! Franco!

  1. I have to say, I’m not a total Franco-phile or anything, although I do enjoy his work and definitely find him sexy. But I have to say, he is *making* the show for me this week. Maybe it’s because I know he’s visiting and therefore I can enjoy his smoldering demeanor with no real fear of commitment. Maybe it’s because he is making Jason (and hopefully soon enough Sonny) miserable, which by definition, makes me happy. Maybe it’s because…oh I don’t know…he made me actually enjoy Maxie’s scenes today?! No high-pitched dim bulb voice, no ridiculous tippy toe walk…today she was acting like an adult, and damn if they don’t have amazing chemistry.

    I suspect that I’m enjoying this from outside of myself, and subconciously pretending it’s a completely separate show. This is further evidenced by the fact that I immediately found something online to look at/read everytime Sonny, Jason or Sam opened their mouths during today’s episode. Maybe if I don’t listen, they don’t exist!

    (Okay, yes. This show has taken a little of my sanity from me.)

    • I’m enjoying the Franco as well. It’s at least something new and different, which is a rare treat with this show. And yes, the fact that we know it’s only short term means I don’t really dread what’s to come so much.

      It’s definitely nice to see Maxie interacting with a grown up — although, man, what a kick in the pants to all those Maxie/Spinelli fans! I feel bad for them, because that was really a dick move on Guza’s part…

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