So much hate, so little time…


Sam’s expression in this picture indicates:

A. She’s just realized she’s wearing another shirt rejected from the set of Flashdance.
B. She’s just realized that the reason she’s wearing another shirt rejected from the set of Flashdance is that her boyfriend has been secretly wearing and stretching out all of her tops.
C. She’s just realized her boyfriend not only wears her shirts when she’s not looking, but cannot even be bothered to pretend to be interested in anything she says that isn’t related to his problems.
D. All of the above.

I’d feel bad for her, but well… she kind of brought this on herself. Still, Sam: GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! It’s not too late!

Also, HAHAHAHA — isn’t it hilarious that the characters can joke about how ridiculous it is that Alexis and Sam have never had a single conversation about the identity of her father? Doesn’t that make you just forget that the writers have been either too lazy or too incompetent to come up with an answer in the three years since the discovered they were related? Oh, shenanigans!

Dante is thisclose to being dead to me, seriously. It’s really sad. We all knew it was coming, but hearing this still made me want to vomit with rage:

DANTE: He’s open with me. He trusts me, and I can’t believe I’m saying this out loud, but I like the guy. And you were right, he’s definitely not who I thought he would be. But that doesn’t change all the things that he’s done, does it? [Ed. note: NO. NO, IT DOES NOT.]
LULU: You want to know what I think? I think that you’re making this too black and white. [Ed note: ???] And life isn’t like that, it’s not about right or wrong, or good and bad [Ed. note: ??????]. I think sometimes there’s wiggle room in the middle.



Actually, Lulu, I’m pretty sure that for most people who aren’t sociopaths, life is about right and wrong. At least, when it comes to murder and extortion. Those aren’t really gray areas. You know… at all.

Boy, those brief months I didn’t loathe her sure were short lived!


I mean, props for trying to take advantage of the fact that you’ve got three of the original actors back on the show. But seriously? It’s a horrible photo to begin with — poor Becky Herbst lo0ks so pale compared to the boys that she already looks like a bad photoshop job herself. And pasting thirty-something Natalia Livingston in next to a group of teenagers makes it look like they’re all posing with their babysitter.

Of course, on the scale of things that enraged me about this plot yesterday, this was nothing. (I guess accepting child support from the father of her child makes a woman a whore now. Good to know! I should probably add an addendum to the Port Charles Criminal Justice Code.)

But still… really, props department? Really?

This show is just terrible.


6 thoughts on “So much hate, so little time…

  1. Yes, THIS. All of this.

    I have been totally checking out these past few weeks because I knew it would inevitably come to this. All that I have been dreading is actually happening.

    And I won’t even type my rage about the most horrible, disgusting event of yesterday.

    They are all dead to me.

    • I’m assuming you’re referring to a certain chili-induced bit of INSANITY, in which case, yes, I also have my fingers stuck in my ears and LALALALALALA–THIS IS NOT HAPPENING.

  2. Wow great minds must think a like because I too touched on these points in my post. Yesterdays episode was either a boring snoozefest or a laugh riot. i am not sure which.

  3. I’m so curious to know if they are purposely writing the Jason/Sam relationship this way. Their dialogue reads like a script from one of those teen movies designed to show in a non-subtle way how selfish and inconsiderate the guy is. Except…wait…aren’t they supposed to be thirtysomething? Ye-eah…

    Unfortunately, I’m at the stage where I’m fast forwarding through their conversations, any conversations involving the Liz/Nik fiasco, and pretty much any conversation Lulu has with Dante about Sonny, because they piss me off too much, and frankly, I’m nearing my limit.

    You know what is hilarious? How suddenly they are writing Lucky as being this razor sharp detective and yet he cannot see the guilt and betrayal Nik and Liz are wearing as signs on their foreheads. Um…and by “hilarious”, I mean ridiculous-and-quickly-becoming-tedious.

    • I FF’d most of yesterday’s show, and regretted the parts I actually watched. Not that long ago, I was actually excited about a couple of stories, but the writing’s on the wall and I have no more hope they’ll end even the slightest bit non-nauseatingly. What’s the point of watching when you can predict everything that’s going to happen (because it is literally the same thing that has happened in ever single plot for the last 5-10 years), and you already know that outcome sucks?

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