This is psychological warfare…

… and the writers seem to be waging it against the viewers.

First, there’s this ridiculous, supposed Scrubs love triangle. I actually like Lisa, but I can’t enjoy her because they have Robin getting insecure about her and that makes me insecure about where they’re going with this. I’m no idiot, so I’m pretty certain this will end in lame-ass disaster.

If only they would develop her relationship with Matt! That would be entertaining, there could be a bit of comedy with the awkwardness of Matt dating an ex of Patrick’s, and it would give Jason Cook something else to do other than hold up the scenery.

*sigh* If only…

This plot with Nik and Liz is going to give me my own case of “psycho-motor dissociative disorder.” My thumb is always ready on the fast forward button, but I keep catching glimpses of them making out. And now the writers are forcing me hear Liz describe sex with Nik as the most intense sexual experience she has ever had? I call shenanigans! I’m not even a huge Liason fan, but I still can’t deny this. Shut up, writers. At this point, I trust nothing that comes out of Liz’s mouth.

Finally, I have tried to be in denial about certain plot lines. But instead of rewarding me for my tolerance and ability to ignore it and go to my happy place, they replay the scene just to make sure that every last bit of my soul dies. Jack offs.

Then they throw that Johnny and Olivia scene at us today, making me think that maybe — just maybe! — the writers might actually be setting them up as the couple to root for. They can’t think it’s more romantic to throw a fifty dollar bill at a woman than it is to have a man say that he just can’t stay away from a woman, no matter how much she’s hurt him (with smoldering eyes, no less!) — can they? CAN THEY?

Even with the text absolutely clear as to who is the more desirable man, I have no question where this is going. And that makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a blunt instrument.

If the writers are going to shove Sonny and Olivia down our throats, the least they can do is get it over with instead of stringing me along with false hope. Bastards.

3 thoughts on “This is psychological warfare…

  1. OMG – what you said! The extent to which I’m tuning out is alarming me. Even the Franco story, which I have been enjoying with reckless abandon, is quickly turning into the Jason Show…can Guza not help himself? I mean, Franco’s only around for a couple of months – MUST he be overshadowed by a character who is already shoved down our throats daily?

    Speaking of characters being shoved down our throats: really, Olivia? Really? Sonny’s that irresistible? Meanwhile we have Sonny trying at every turn to sacrifice Johnny to their enemies. Why can’t one of Anthony’s men just walk through the always-open garden doors of Sonny’s house and shoot him already?

    • Agreed. I think my one overshadowing GH fantasy is that someone, anyone, waltz into chez Corinthos, as everyone has the want to do from time to time, and just get rid of him. I am sick of the violence on this show, but that is one murder I can get behind. So sad really, considering how much I once loved Sonny. I don’t even see him as the same character anymore. He is now Sonny Corinthos’ evil, more bloated and orange, misogynistic twin. And in soaps, isn’t it appropriate to take the evil twin down? I think so.

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