I just can’t help myself!

I didn’t expect any moments of enjoyment from today’s GH, since watching each episode has been like living in my own personal hell for the last few weeks.

I know I shouldn’t let myself feel excitement or joy over any of this, but I just can’t stop.

First of all, when they brought out the ‘K’ word, I immediately rolled my eyes. This seems a lot like in the 90s when someone discovered that mob = good. The show then immediately saturated the viewers with mafia-centered story lines to the point that most of us hate the mention of the word. They seem well on their way to doing the same with this shiny, new toy.

The only thing that stays my groans is the fact that karaoke night seems to be one of the only times they allow the cast to integrate and have fun. So despite being karaoked out, I couldn’t help enjoy myself, especially during the montage at the end. God, wasn’t the cast so sweet, smiling and dancing together? Wasn’t it great to see Robin and Patrick so happy? What show am I watching?

But Johnny and Olivia were what really made the episode for me. Learning a lesson from their previous conflict, Olivia actually told Johnny that she kissed Sonny. She (rightly) assumed Sonny might be a tool and put Johnny in danger because she gave him mixed signals. Johnny didn’t act enraged, didn’t emotionally or physically threaten her, didn’t even try to guilt her.

They have tension. There’s no question there is conflict. But there is also always an undercurrent of mutual admiration and respect through the hurt, confusion, and anger.

And then this happened:

I was going to make a screencap, but this is better. You don’t understand how happy these scenes made me. I couldn’t bring myself to delete this episode off my DVR! An episode of GH!

I really expected the writers to write Johnny as the exact opposite during all of this. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. I still predict it will crash and burn as quickly as it turned around. But at this point, I’ll take what I can get.


2 thoughts on “I just can’t help myself!

  1. I just can’t bring myself to care about Johnny/Olivia. Maybe it’s because “Sonny” has been hanging over them, since the beginning. Like a black cloud. Plus, Olivia really gets on my nerves. I’m sick of her using the “Sonny was my first love” crap, as an excuse. It’s getting old.

    • Olivia does annoy me at times and I also have trouble fully enjoying them knowing that Sonny and Olivia is most likely their goal.
      But I love Johnny so much. After they had go nuts on Claudia, I thought for sure they’d ruin his character. So maybe it is just managed expectations. I expected the worst and so I am so happy with what I have. That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t expect them to screw him up in the future. I mean, look at Sonny and Jason.

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