Crazy says what?

I’m going to file this one under “Be Careful What You Wish For.”

Hey, remember when I was bemoaning the lack of a point of view for Elizabeth in this whole Nikolas mess? Well, we got an earful of her perspective yesterday, and guess what?

ELIZABETH: Sex is a really weird thing for me. My first experience was so brutal that it shut something down inside of me. And obviously I’ve been with other guys, and it’s been fine and I’ve enjoyed it, but there’s a part of me that’s always been unavailable. And I rarely initiate sex, and honestly, I would be more than happy to never have it again. Until now. Nikolas awakened that part of me and he brought it to life.

I see! So, all those times when she appeared to be nauseated by Nikolas’ touch, that was really an expression of joy at her libido finally breaking free of the icy prison in which it had been languishing while she was having all that boring, gross sex with dudes who did not make her look repulsed:

I shouldn’t be surprised by this, because these writers love to prop up failing couples by stomping on the memories of all the ones that came before. You might say it’s actually their signature move. In a new relationship? Congratulations, you’ve never loved before, even if the audience saw you say the exact same thing to eight other guys!

But this twist, that she’s never been sexually aroused like this before? Kind of takes the cake.

It would be one thing if this story was taking place a little sooner after the rape. Or if had been written so we could actually believe that Nikolas and Elizabeth had genuinely fallen for each other. Or if either Tyler Christopher or poor Rebecca Herbst had even a smidge of chemistry. But when your entire argument for why two people are acting so self-destructive, cruel, and out character revolves around making the audience believe that their passion has led to literally the most life-altering, world-shattering, epic sexual epiphany of either of their lives…

… well, you might want to try that story with two actors who don’t look like they’d rather be making out with dead fish than each other.

But what really blew me away yesterday was the end of Liz and Robin’s conversation, wherein Becky Herbst brought out the full-on manic CRAZY EYES for this gem of a sentiment:

ELIZABETH: It can be done. Because I’ll have Lucky. You see, he’s the key! Lucky knows how to love me back to health. He’s done it before, he’ll be able to do it again!

Erm… what? Seriously, are we meant to take away from this that Liz is secretly on drugs? Because not only is she not making sense, but she’s about two facial twitches away from a nice padded cell at the old crazy lady farm.

What exactly is Lucky’s magical presence going to heal? The rape, again? Which is apparently a huge issue out of the blue after 10+ years and numerous seemingly happy and sexually healthy relationships?

(Also, after just talking about what a survivor she is, are you effing kidding me with this pathetic co-dependency shit? It’s been ten years, maybe we could move past Liz needing a constant male savior to fix her fragile lady-problems?)

And if Nikolas’ wonder-cock has already healed her lingering sexual trauma — a fact which she is now equating to a mental illness — then what’s left for Lucky? To “love her back” to a state where she no longer enjoys sex again?

I– what– how– !!!!

I give up. Wake me when Elizabeth has regained her mind, please.


10 thoughts on “Crazy says what?

  1. Oh for Christ sake! Really? Once I had heard about her sexual awakening, I planted my thumb firmly on the FF button. I had expected to be sparing myself more revisionist drivel, but that? That doesn’t even make any sense. It is one thing to completely pretend like somethings never happened. It is another to just have the characters spout jibberish to try to bolster the lame-ass plot you have chosen. When Lucky was there for Liz after the rape, it was sweet and caring, not codependent and creepy. This whole thing just makes me want to punch someone.
    The worst part of it all – if they really wanted to do this, they could have given them both a believable motivation of mutual grief over Emily’s death and a self-destructive response to it. At least they are having Lucky be smart enough to know that Liz is in crazytown. Unfortunately, that is not enough of a consolation.

    • Yeah, the one bright light in all this is that I like the way they’re playing Lucky right now. GV’s version was cartoonishly oblivious to the undercurrents in his relationship with Elizabeth. But right now, Lucky is clearly aware that something is wrong, and he’s trying to puzzle out what it is, based of his understanding of the issues. I don’t think the conclusion he’s jumped to is unreasonable — I certainly wouldn’t expect him to guess the truth, given how out of the blue and crazy it is.

      Liz appears to be going off the deep end, seriously. I don’t know what to think — is that just BH’s interpretation, or are we supposed to think she’s completely nuts?

  2. And I thought nothing could top the “I loved Carly the most” scene. Boy, was I wrong. It amazes me that Guza is able to destroy so much history with one piece of fucked-up dialogue. I’m this close to burning my LnL2 ship card. Now, that’s impressive.

    • Yeah, I was really bitter about LiRic at the time because of the way Liason had just imploded, but in retrospect… that clip is smoking.

  3. This story continues to make me ill. The mere visuals are enough to traumatize me; now we have to deal with this blatant revisionist crap?

  4. I seriously hate Jizabeth! why is she even allowed to have kids! she and Nikolas should fry together! Nikolas is not hot anymore he is just a fat ass noq

    • Let’s be honest: no one on this show — with the possible exception of Mac — should be allowed to have kids. That’s just the nature of being a soap character. You cheat, you lie, your kids are virtually invisible unless a custody battle is looming, and you periodically go insane and do things which are stupid/irresponsible/illegal in the service of plot.

      Granted, some of them *coughSONNYcough* are even worse parents than the rest. But on the list of horrible GH parents, Elizabeth isn’t anywhere near the top of my personal list.

      Also, Nikolas is disgusting now. Trufax.

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