I fear the idiocy is catching.

At the Art Studio of Doom:

Jason: Do not make the mistake of underestimating Franco, Maxie. He’s sick. He’s capable of anything, including murder.

How did the world not explode from hypocrisy at the moment Jason uttered these words?

Oh, yes. I forgot. That mobster deserved to die when Jason tried to kill him because it was self defense. But when Franco actually killed the same dude, it was sick and twisted because he didn’t have to! It was totally different. Franco did it  to to send a message.

Hmmm, why does that phrase sound so familiar?

At the loony bin:

Ophelia, er, Rebecca: At least he has the excuse of his gender. Most men aren’t generally known to turn down an easy piece.

Um, what? Here we go again. Men can’t control their penises. Women are the only ones responsible for affairs.

What a load of crap.

But somehow after spewing misogynistic drivel, Rebecca channeled my inner monologue in the very next breath:

But what kind of a woman keeps marrying the same man over and over only to cheat on him again and again?

This is what the audience has been wondering, as they have watched in bewilderment, for the last few months. Most of us are pretty certain that Liz has never before been portrayed as this kind of woman. It is crazy and illogical and just plain bad characterization.

Fortunately, at least one character can still demonstrate self-awareness and sanity:

Lucky: Well I’m aware, Dad, that one of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. But you know what? I’m a little insane.

Oh, Lucky, I love you. You are the  most stable, mature character on this show.  If you really want to see lunacy, just take a look at good ‘ole Rebecca and Liz. They are both currently competing for a gold medal in the “sleeping with Nikolas makes you deranged” Olympics.

Honestly, I think Jonathan Jackson was trying to send us a not-so-secret messages when delivering this dialog:

Get out! Get out while you still can! Before you go insane!

Too late.


5 thoughts on “I fear the idiocy is catching.

  1. Man, I’m glad you said it so I wouldn’t have to…

    I love Liz and hate Rebecca, but I was enjoying the HELL out of those confrontation scenes because batshit crazy is actually a good look on NL. Who knew? But that line was so bad… *shakes head*

    Also: the Jason thing cracked me up. I wonder if the writers look at the words they’ve put in these characters’ mouths and just wonder at themselves. Seriously.

    • I really don’t know what was going on with the writing yesterday. There were just so many pieces of dialog that made me go, “WTF?”
      And Yeah NL was actually quite fun during her crazy off with Liz. Very surprising.

      • They really guaranteed that this character was going to be a failure when she became Emily without actually being Emily. I kinda sorta liked her for a split second back when she was acting all pissed off that Nik was stalking her around town, back before we knew she was a “con artist” (but after she got rid of the gum and beret).

        I will claim that false use of my username if this remark is ever brought up again.

  2. Actually, my own little world did explode from Jason’s hypocrisy when he spewed that line. I still don’t get why this character still has so many fans. 90% of the time he is pissing me off with his self-righteousness and yes, his hypocrisy. This line was the cherry on the sundae.

    I usually root for Liz, but her behavior lately leaves too much to be desired. In real life, I wouldn’t be sympathetic to someone who repeatedly made selfish, destructive decisions (all the while asserting that they knew what they were doing was wrong). So you know what, I am actually rooting for Rebecca for once – go ahead, bring her down!

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