Hulkamania = WIN.

It is really rare that the following words come out of my mouth these days, but… Jason Morgan was totally my hero today.


Well, turns out I like him quite a bit. I know, right? Let’s all savor this bit of tasty truth-telling delight, shall we?

MICHAEL: I’m not gonna let Lucky, who turned his back on his–
JASON: SHUT UP! You keep saying that you’re a man, that you want to live on your own, but you’re acting like a little bitch. Like all those other rich kids who have no respect for anything or anyone.

Quit disrespecting the people who are trying to protect you. I mean, you looked like an IDIOT at Jake’s talking to Lucky like that. I was embarrassed for you, man. I still am!

You know what the problem is? That we’ve spoiled you for so many years. Me, most of all. Well, I’m done. From now on, keep your mouth shut! Show some respect! Go to school! If you don’t, I’ll make you. Now, apologize to your mother. Stand up!

::slow clap::

Now, normally I might be irritated about the “little bitch” comment, but you know what? Michael is just the kind of cocky little shit for whom that would be the most humiliating insult possible. So I’m cool with it.

(Of course, none of that stopped him from later condescending to his mother that her silly, little lady brain just wasn’t capable of understanding the business like he could. Which… shut up, Michael. Seriously. We get it: you are definitely your father’s douchey, misogynist son.)

There is something really satisfying about Jason screaming “shut up!” at the obnoxious assholes who regularly run their mouths off at him. Probably because he so seldom does it. It makes me reminisce about this oldie but goodie, wherein Carly finally pushes him too far (starts around the 6:14 mark):

Oh, yeah. That’s the stuff.

Naturally, because this is still General Hospital, every moment of awesomeness must be offset with an equal and opposite amount of terminal WTF:

LULU: Look, I get Sonny’s a criminal. I just don’t think that’s all he is.

I–what? Who is disputing that? It’s not like anyone’s claiming he doesn’t give to charity or love his kids. Plenty of horrible people love their kids! Does Lulu think there’s an exemption clause for people who like to kill and steal but also love puppies?

Earth to CRAZY: there’s no rule that says only one-dimensional sociopaths should be prosecuted for their crimes! And I’m sorry, but if Sonny paying for choosing a life of breaking the law causes his children heartbreak, how is that anyone’s fault other than his own?

I swear, it’s like they want me to to go back to hating her.

9 thoughts on “Hulkamania = WIN.

  1. See, none of it’s poor poor Sonny’s fault because he’s surrounded by a bunch of Deke’s just tryin’ to keep him down. First, Johnny’s such a Deke ’cause he’s with Olivia, and now, of course, Jax is a Deke ’cause he’s trying to keep Mikey from becoming a thug like daddy.

    How could it be better for anyone in Port Charles for such a “good” man like Sonny to be put in jail for these so-called crimes he’s committed? He’ll never get a chance to be the “good” father to Morgan and Josslyn (you know it’s coming) that he’s been for Michael all these years. And look how well that’s turned out.

    Lookit, I’m not a fan of Jason in general, but Jason I can handle and sometimes enjoy (like today)…but Sonny, ugh, ack, spit.

    On a high note though, I did enjoy the new SLW and the episode as a whole…minus a certain greasy troll, of course.

    • Yeah, I think it would be way easier to redeem Jason as a character than Sonny at this point. What is left for Sonny to do? Where can he go? He’s already at the pinnacle of just about everything he ever wanted. Kids, several loves of his life, Godfather to a major syndicate… there’s nowhere to go but down, and since the writers refuse to let him ever permanently lose or change, there’s nothing to do but tell the same repugnant stories over and over again.

      Don’t even get me started on this new habit he’s developed of comparing every man who he dislikes to Deke… I mean, seriously? You can call Jax a lot of names (although not “criminal” or “murderer,” Sonny), but child abuser? *facepalm*

      • It does make me feel better about Johnny’s prospects though because when he whipped out the “he’s just like Deke” line, that was real foreboding for a while…but now that he’s apparently flinging it around like bar ware, I don’t feel as bad.

        Unless, of course, Johnny starts slapping Olivia around and Jax backhands Michael across the room, which I don’t completely put it past GH from doing. Gotta be prepared for the worst, right?

  2. General Hospital on Dec.9, 2009…had to be the best one this year. I dvr GH everday and I think I watched the scene where Jason put Michael in his place, like 10 times. It was GREAT, just wish Sonny and Jax were there to see that. You go Jason!!!!!

    • Jason was really on a roll yesterday. Loved his instant dismissal of Sonny’s “Jax is like Deke!” comment, too. Would that he could always be that awesome…

  3. You know, I felt mixed about this because of the “little bitch” comment. But your argument compels me to agree. Michael deserved it. But it is really all their faults, so Jason should have been just as much screaming at Carly, Sonny and himself. Michael would not be who he is without them. I’m glad he recognized that. The kid really has turned into a mini Sonny. Just what the show needed. Blech.

    • Well, it’s a fan wank. I’d still rather he didn’t say it. But I can live with it, because I hate Michael that much right now. *sighs*

      I could kill to hear Jason scream at Sonny like that. Especially with all this “living with me will fix Michael” bullshit, which really deserves to be shot down in the harshest manner possible…

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