Rock on, Diane!

Man, Sonny’s mental age seems to be getting younger and younger:

Sonny: I need the cops to back off. They’re reaching out to Michael.

Well, I need a summer home on an island in Greece, to win the lottery, and to be able to watch you without having to constantly suppress the urge to vomit, Sonny. But we don’t always get everything we think we need, especially just by declaring it so.

Apparently, Diane agrees:

Olivia: And I won’t be responding to anymore directives.

Diane: I like her!

Sonny: You would. Thank you for that. That was nice.

Diane: What?

Sonny: I should dock your pay. (Ed. note: for cock-blocking?!?) What do you think?

Diane: On what grounds Sonny? Trying to protect you from yourself? Look, I’ll see what I can do about having Claudia declared legally missing. But I’m not kidding about this. You keep that wedding ring on your finger and remember that you are still technically legally married. So stop chasing Olivia or any other woman for that matter.

Sonny: Stop acting like my mother.

Diane: Then you stop acting like a hormonal teenager! Honestly, no wonder there is such a surplus of Corinthos progeny.

Bravo! Bra-fucking-o! I have been waiting for years to hear someone say this.

Diane is my hero.


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