It’s about frickin’ time.

Believe it or not, I have been enjoying more of General Hospital in the last few months than I have in a while. Shocker! But still, there was something missing.

Today, I realized what that was:

God, aren’t they adorable?

Seeing them this way is always bittersweet. I can’t help but smile when they glow at one another, but at the same time I’m saddened at how wasted these two actors are. I’m hoping that Steve Webber’s recast is a sign the hospital is going to get some renewed interest. It’s possible, isn’t it? Cops are starting to have an IQ above 80, and hell hasn’t frozen over yet, right?

Granted, this current Scrubs plot has bored me to death, so I’m not holding out too much hope.  At least they’ve stopped having Robin act insecure about Lisa. And I thought maybe this was going in a better direction when Robin was put in the  supportive role with Lisa, instead of being her rival. Wouldn’t that be a breath of fresh air?

But of course, they had to leave us with the ominous figure of Lisa looming behind their schmoopiness. I don’t know where they are going with this, but I don’t imagine it is good.

Fortunately, I saw these spoiler pics of Christmas with Patrick, Robin and Emma. So cute! At least the writers seem to recognize that the mob doesn’t work for holiday episodes, so maybe we’ll get more than two minutes of Scrubs fun in the next few weeks.

I have a feeling I may be punished for my optimism.


5 thoughts on “It’s about frickin’ time.

  1. I am with you, it’s nice to see something besides mob central. I was being to think instead of watching General Hospital I was watching the Godfather.

    It’s so nice to see Scrubs their the only reason I keep watching this show. That’s probably why these scenes are so good because they are few and far between. When are the writers going to realize people don’t mind the mob stuff they just don’t want it stuffed down their throats.

    • I think that I could tolerate the mob stuff if it was balanced out with the rest of the show. They have so many entertaining actors that they waste on a regular basis. It is such a shame.

  2. “SO TRUE!” I agree from the above post… I think GH would be lucky to have both Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough on the show . They are the ones who are making the show worth watching. Not everyone wants Mobs, violence , .. To tell you the truth! I personally bored with the mobs story on the show. Even they put James Franco with their whole Nov. Sweeps still doesn’t help me to tune in the whole show, James Franco and the whole mobs doesn’t make a difference to make the show get better especially their ratings.. Imo, gh think, think, think,,,,,, I am tuning this show because of Scrubs that’s all! without them , my watching with this show is “OVER!”……….. SCRUBS MAKE THE GH SHOW WORTH WATCHING!”….”THEY ARE THE BEST OF ALL THE CHARACTERS!” THE ACTORS ARE AMAZING !”>

  3. I agree. The mod aspect doesn’t bother me. It’s been a part of the show, since the early’s 80’s. That’s what got me hooked on GH, in the first place(the Claire Labine Era). There just needs to be balance. The show can’t be mob…mob…mob…all the time. What makes it even more annoying is that Sonny and Jason aren’t written as the layered characters, they once were.

    Good GOD! Scrubs are so adorable.

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