Actions… have consequences? WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?

Is my brain going into some kind of leftover Christmas cookie related sugar overload or was yesterday’s episode actually a decent social issue PSA for once?

Usually this show attacks Very Special Episodes with all the subtlety of a herd of elephants on speed. But this time I didn’t feel hit over the head with the anti-drunk driving message because all of the conversations and reactions made sense. The show’s history got referenced in an organic way, and we even scored an AJ mention!

Jax and Sonny backing each other up without any petty sniping was refreshing. And Sonny didn’t even annoy me! Although this part of his big fatherly speech did have me rolling my eyes a bit:

SONNY: You weren’t keeping track? But you thought it was okay to jump in a car, drunk, and drive? That’s like playing with a loaded gun, Michael! What were you even thinking about?

Gee, Sonny. He was probably thinking about that time he did play with a loaded gun. And shot your girlfriend. And ran away without even calling 911. And your response wasn’t so much to punish him as it was to… pat him on the head and buy him ice cream.

So probably the wrong analogy to go for, there, is what I’m saying.

This just in: Lulu and Dante are adorable!

There, I said it. With their smiling and kissing and gushing over the beauty of opera. I’m not made of stone, people!

That said, I am certain they are also doomed, as the writers have proven themselves incapable of keeping Lulu likeable when she’s in a relationship, and also… nothing that I like ever lasts on this show.

Enjoy the cuteness while you can!


2 thoughts on “Actions… have consequences? WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?

  1. It’s a new year’s miracle you actually liked an episode of GH. But all kidding aside I havent been able to watch it this week because of the move and all so I am glad that I can look forward to catching up this sunday.

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