What is going on here?

Okay, so my co-blogger established that Lisa is an off-putting, confusing, wreck of a character. So why is it that we are supposed to believe she and Patrick still have something between them? Because Matt SAID so?

I know I’ve said this before, but having a character say something doesn’t make it so, writers!

Where the hell is the build up? We randomly see Lisa with Matt on Christmas Eve and now we’re supposed to imagine — what? That they had a fling, started spending time together, Matt realized she still had a thing for Patrick, and is now disgruntled — all of this off-screen? WTF? Why are they doing this to Jason Cook? It’s a travesty. Seriously.

Although considering how awful Lisa is, it’s probably better for my blood pressure that we didn’t get to see those wonderful scenes.

Are we really supposed to be buying into this looming threat of Lisa? With Patrick and Robin having an amazing Christmas and anniversary? With them all happy and cuddly at New Years?

Image courtesy of Scrubs.org

It makes me irate. I could be blissfully enjoying one of the most sweet, endearing couples on day time, but no.  Guza & Co. are blatantly telling me something stupid is coming down the pike. If this was any other show, I’d consider this a fake out — a drama inducing red herring, if you will. But I can’t con myself into believing that. These writers don’t do plot twists, unless it’s a character randomly coming back from the dead.

I can’t imagine it will be any major shake up, but after the insanity that was the PPD story I’m just tired of it all. Let Patrick and Robin be the one steady center of this otherwise mob-infested, chaotic crapfest. Pretty please?

P.S. Keep letting Jonathan Jackson sing because it makes me feel like a fourteen-year-old girl again:


P.P.S. For the sake of nostalgia, here’s the original Liz and Lucky moment:

If only we could erase the last year of Nik/Liz. If only

4 thoughts on “What is going on here?

  1. Well said, you are right on the ball with this awful “Lisa” character. I have faith in scrubs and do believe that they will survive this. I just hope Guza and TPTB don’t screw it up too much, otherwise they’re in store for a major loss in one of the biggest fanbases in daytime…which is of course scrubs fanbase. But as you said, you never know with these writers…

    • It seems to me that the writers believe that Patrick and Robin aren’t interesting in and of themselves. But they work in a hospital and are a couple who work together. The possibilities for organic drama are endless. They don’t need a forced loved triangle to make them worthy of screen time. Kim Mc and Jason T could make watching paint dry seem interesting, which is fortunate for us considering some of the plots they get.

      • That was funny! Yes, KMc and JT are the only reasons why I watch GH and it’s their talent alone that made me believe in Scrubs after 2007 because it certainly wasn’t due to Guza’s incredible writing for them.

        I believe that Scrubs are solid, but for once it would be nice for these two actors to have a quality story that is worthy of their individual and combined talents.

  2. I don’t understand why Guza keeps doing this to Scrubs. I sat thru that horrible PPD storyline. I waited over 3 years for another love scene.And I didn’t get pissed off when Emma’s first birthday wasn’t acknowledged. Can they please come up with better storylines for Scrubs that’s all I want. No one cares about Lisa she’s a loser no matter who plays her.I know Scrubs will come out on top after all of this but damn i’m sick of it.

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