This is what this show has reduced me to.

I was going to write a post about my irritation that Lucky and Carly are the only members of Lulu’s family who seem concerned or even aware she was kidnapped and nearly murdered the night before.

Or about the way Sonny is both a pompous douchenozzle and a total Monday morning quarterback when it comes to Jason doing all his dirty work for him. Or about how Scott Reeves has utterly charmed me with his version of Steven Webber, while the new Lisa (though a better actress) has not been able to hide the fact that her character is still The Worst.

(Or about the secret sense of humor possessed by the TiVo blurb writer who summarized today’s episode homoerotically and hilariously thus: “Jason can’t stop thinking about Franco.“)

But all of that pales in comparison to the truly important question of the day, namely:


Pondering its awfulness distracted me through most of his confrontation with Nikolas. (Probably just as well.) At first, I thought it might be a piercing. Then, I wondered if the GH makeup department had finally gone insane and decided to draw a beauty mark on Jonathan Jackson. In the end, however, I realized it was nothing more than the most pathetic attempt at a soul patch I have ever seen in my life.

Jonathan, baby… I still love you lots, but please — for the love of all that is holy — shave that abomination off, okay? It is hurting my soul.


3 thoughts on “This is what this show has reduced me to.

  1. You know, I had heard people make comments about Lucky’s facial hair before and I always defended it. I kind of liked it. But yesterday, it was bugging the hell out of me too. I couldn’t figure out why. You are absolutely right, that one sad patch of hair is extremely distracting.

    I have to say if I exclude Nik/Liz and Sonny/Carly/Jason from my mind (which I admit I do on a regular basis for my sanity) I really enjoyed yesterday’s episode. Go figure.

  2. That’s what Jason the robot is for doing dirty work.. that’s the only thing he is good for….. well not even that good Alcazar and Now Franco…..

    • True. But I remember a time when Sonny wasn’t useless. These days a crisis happens and all he does is sit around in his office yelling at everyone else for not fixing it for him fast enough. It’s pathetic.

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