And the most WTF line of the day goes to–

::drum roll, please::

–Lisa Niles, ladies and gentlemen!

LISA: Hey, it’s hard to take a girl seriously who guzzles beer and moves her own furniture.


Hey, Lisa! Feminism called. It wants you to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

In other news around Port Charles, the Spencer siblings have been on fire lately. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Julie Marie Berman and Jonathan Jackson together, but it turns out they’ve got a great family chemistry going. I completely buy him as her older brother.

Likewise, now that the sniping between Lucky and Ethan has toned down, I’m starting to enjoy him as part of the family. (Not enough to forgive the horrendous, history-destroying retcon that made it all possible, of course. But enough that I no longer fast forward his scenes in protest at the sight of that awful ponytail. Progress!)

Then there’s Lucky and Luke. My fingers are trying to rebel against typing this next sentence, but… I am actually really looking forward to watching tomorrow’s episode of General Hospital.

I know, right? But the stage is set for some quality father/son drama here, and both Geary and Jackson have the capacity to knock it out of the park. All we need is Genie Francis back in the mix and this might turn out to be one of the most gripping stories this show has told in quite some time!

Sorry, all this optimism is just really hard for me to process.


9 thoughts on “And the most WTF line of the day goes to–

  1. Lisa Niles is the biggest jerk really she is and I really don`t care about ths character and when is Robin coming home and where is Matt .

  2. Okay, so I know I’m checking in late, but due to unforeseen and annoying circumstances, I haven’t been watching for a month or so. That means I’ve had to deprive myself of your fabulous blog for a while, so as not to spoil myself. I’m catching up in a big way now, and look forward to reading your reactions to all the juicy events that I’m just now getting to see. I must say that my irritation with the character of Lisa Niles is not subsiding in the least. Who thought up this ridulous character? Everything that comes out of her mouth is totally WTF…she is dull, and curiously enough,she is annoying at the same time. When she spews comments like the one you highlighted, I literally say “WTF”. There is nothing compelling or likeable about this person. If this is the writers’ idea of throwing a monkey wrench into the Patrick and Robin thing, it is WEAK.

    • Natasha! So glad you are back! Tenillypo and I were just saying that we missed your comments.
      Yeah, I wish I could tell you Lisa gets better. Alas, no.
      Hope your month away from GH was blissful and look forward to hearing your thoughts as you catch up.

      • Awww, you guys are awesome. I guess the month was blissful in that I didn’t have a daily brain spasm from my usual GH rage – but I really, really missed my dose of Despair in the Afternoon : )

        • We missed you too! Although…oh, man — I do not envy you having to get caught up on an entire month. I’ve got 3 days worth sitting on my TiVo right now and that’s bad enough. :)

  3. Natasha right it doesn`t get better it getts worst much worst because Patrick is going to think that Robin and Steven are more than just friends so he `s going to almost sex with Lisa ,But Lisa going make look like he did sleep with her and everyone including Robin will believe he did when didn`t.

  4. Hi Natasha , Most of the show is about the aftermath of the Danet reveal and the Nik/Liz /lucky/and Kristina and boyfriend abuseing her and her father going to court for killing the Claw ,And Lante oh Scrubs to and .Sky`s coming back the same day that Maya Ward comes to Port Charles .

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