It was almost worth it… almost.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the horror of Nik/Liz seems to finally be giving us some really great drama.

Lucky’s reaction to the affair was amazing, and the rest of the fallout has continued to be compelling. If someone told me six months ago that Lucky was going to be the most layered, self-reflective, empathetic character on GH I would have laughed in their  face.

But the writers have really turned it around. The fact that Lucky can see his own part in this entire situation makes me love him all the more. I’m even over being irritated with Anthony Geary for phoning it in for the last, oh, five years. He’s making up for it now with the emotional intensity between Luke and Lucky. It has been a pleasure to watch.

(A pleasure! Did I just say that? I think I did!)

And my enjoyment of this story didn’t stop there. Julie Marie Berman’s reaction to Lucky falling off the wagon was realistic and heart-breaking. (GH is addressing a social issue! While taking into consideration character history and personality traits! Will wonders ever cease?) And per usual, I loved Lulu’s interactions with Dante. The chemistry between them is so consuming that I’m glued to the screen whenever they are on.

The icing on the cake was Lucky’s confrontation of Nikolas and Elizabeth. Instead of making me crazy, Lucky’s drunken riddles built tension for the reveal. I was mesmerized while watching, waiting for the moment when they finally understood. And again we see that men on GH can in fact be angry with women without calling them a whore or a slut. Go figure! I admit, I’m still a bit nervous about the completion of this scene on Monday. GH’s track record in this area is one respectful angry scene to every thousand degrading ones. But I have hope, and that means a lot these days.

In other news, Sonny continues to suck. And… well, that’s pretty much it.


10 thoughts on “It was almost worth it… almost.

  1. I’m nervous about what Monday’s episode will bring too. There have been so many teasers, and so many characters that have been able to get themselves out of sticky situations lately that I tend to be guarded when it comes to any of these confrontations. It does look like this might be the light at the end of the tunnel many of us have been waiting for though. I loved Lulu’s reaction to Lucky’s drinking this week. It was so authentic. I’m glad they are finally giving her portrayer some good material to work with. Let’s hope that lasts for a while.

    • Yeah, Lucky pulling out his gun the other day made me groan out loud. I really hope that was just the writers messing with us. I enjoy this straight forward, obviously upset, but not cuckoo crazy Lucky. I hope that is the path they continue to take.

  2. I don’t like this storyline
    The writing of this its so heavy handed to garner Lucky the sympathy card the writing is so over the top biased. With terrible dialog I’ll just be glad when this horror triangle is over. I don’t want to see Elizabeth in a triangle for at least five years after this crap.

    • I completely agree that the love triangle has been done to death and I have no interest in seeing Liz in another one ever. I don’t want to see her in this one.
      I expect over the top writing, it is just a given for me, but I appreciate that Lucky is portrayed as a character who can see the complexity of a situation. It has been years since we were supposed to sympathize with Lucky and I’m okay with that. I enjoy this Lucky immensely, but I can understand why not everyone would enjoy him, especially with this set up.

  3. Just wanted to add to the praise for the Luke/Lucky scene. Tony Geary usually gets on my last nerve (and I am a Luke/Laura fan from way back), but I could watch the two of them all day long. I would love to see a scene with all of the Spencers all together (Luke, Lucky, Lulu, even, God help me, Ethan). As usual, though, won’t hold my breath. Also, in the confrontation scene, JJ and RH were awesome, but what’s going on with TC’s blank face — was he even acting?

  4. I dont see Lucky, Liz, or Nik to be especially endearing in this particular storyline. I come from a very small group of viewers who have felt for the longest time that these are 3 characters have spent entirely too much time living between the ages of 15 and 18. Every time it has seemed as though the writers would allow for them to grow up and move past who they were all those years ago they get sucked back in. Hopefully this storyline marks a beginning of the end for Lucky, Liz, Nok , and Em the new class. If any of these three are meant to be together let it be as adults and not teenagers trying to relive the good years.

    • I imagine more people are with you on that than you think. I agree that the retread of old story lines is overdone. I don’t find them entertaining 90% of the time. I’m pretty much amazed that Jonathan Jackson can make me enjoy this crap storyline at all. I also agree that they have these characters regress all too often. I believe there is a way to honor history between characters, but allow them to move forward. If only the writers would attempt that with these characters. I just don’t have much faith that will happen.

  5. Again, sorry for the late comment as I’m only catching up now.

    I absolutely loved this scene, but since I’ve also watched the subsequent scenes, I am chuckling at the fact that your feelings of nervousness were fully warranted. It’s sad that GH has become that predictable. I think the number of times the word “slut” (or variations of it) was inserted into Lucky’s monologue was ridiculous and unnecessary, but I was still able to appreciate the fact that Nik and Liz were FINALLY called out for their disgusting actions. I’m loving JJ’s performance as well. I will say that I would have enjoyed it more if GH didn’t take such pleasure in this practice of female degradation. It doesn’t come as any sort of a surprise, though – after all, this is a show that treats mobsters as celestial beings.

    • Yeah, it really is predictable. I just wish for once, just ONCE they wouldn’t stoop to that level. It is so sad that I want such a small and unattainable thing. Oh well.

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