Ack! My words taste horrible…

I should have known that as soon as I said something nice about GH, the writers would shove that praise straight down my throat.

Really, Lucky? Was it necessary to use both the words tramp and slut when confronting Elizabeth? Of course it was! What’s a GH affair reveal without 31 flavors of the word “whore?”

Aw, shucks, ladies. Don’t be mad — they’re just doing us a a favor! Otherwise we might forget the one constant truth of life: women who sleep around are sluts and men who sleep around are… men. That’s just common sense!

Honestly, what kind of world would this be if we thought a woman should be given an intrinsic value no matter what her actions? (*gasp*) Not a world the General Hospital writers want anything to do with, I can tell you that much!

And by the way, thanks for adding insult to injury by making me seethe with hate over Carly’s smuggiest face that ever smugged.

That was seriously a punch in the stomach.

Why do the writers hate me?


9 thoughts on “Ack! My words taste horrible…

  1. I have to respectfully disagree with your assesment of yesterday’s confrontation. Normally I too would have been disgusted by the berage of verbal abuse that is hurled at the women on this show. However during this confronation to me it didnt seem so much as directed to women in general, but instead it was intended to inflict as much emotional pain as possible. It wasnt pretty and it wasnt nice, but it was honest. And yes I would feel this way even if we were talking about a guy. Cheating is cheating no matter what gender you are.

    As far as Carly goes did you really expect anything different from her? I may not agree with her 85% of the time but she never apologizes for who she is and i respect her for that. (if not for anything else)

    • I’ve seen people’s reactions and I know that other people were quite satisfied with the confrontation, but I just don’t think it is necessary to try to find new and creative ways to call a woman a slut, which is how it goes on GH these days.
      I say that it is a male/female thing because men are not called out on sleeping around with too many women ever on this show, it is only women. I agree, the issue isn’t about how many men Liz slept with, the issue is that she is lying and cheating. And that has been gross and horrible and she and Nik both deserve to be called on it. But, I just don’t think that it is necessary to stoop to that level. And they had been going along without it until Monday’s episode and I believe they could show the raw emotion without using it twenty times.
      And Carly, well you and I will have to agree to disagree, which, I might add, is fine with me. :)
      I feel that the show uses the old “Carly is authentic” line to excuse all manner of bad behavior. I don’t find any value in her being a hypocrite and it is not entertaining to me in the least. But you are right, I don’t expect anything different from her. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it more tolerable for me.

  2. I have read many rave reviews for yesterday’s episode, especially for JJ. Me, I am in the minority I guess, but was relived to read you post :-) Be warned, I felt even stronger than you did about how vile it all was…. a lot stronger :-)

    I LOATHED IT!!!!!

    JJ has not entertained me at all, quite the contrary, which shocked me. I used to love his portrayal of Lucky pre recasts. Now he looks and acts like a wildly immature wannabe. The rape victim as his beloved was Guza at his most disgusting, the whore-a-thon, and his bitchy whiny screeching weeping rant was like a toddler tantrum from hell. It was not at all good soapy soul crushing drama to me. It was misplaced stupidity, blindness, and self indulgent BS. Which is 90% Guza’s fault for writing this ridiculous triangle w/ absolutely no skill or talent. Seriously, this was a shitty barely written or convceived triangle that could have been great, but was totally a joke IMO. HUGE WASTE of talent and story potential. And…..

    The visual is most unsettling. He looks about 18 with sad waify facial hair, purple pouty feminine lips, red rimmed tear filled heroin weary eyes, and he is tiny small. In his scenes with uber bulky Jason and even Nik he looks child sized. EVEN SMALLER THAN SONNY :-) I’m not against little or big people at all, but it is a funny visual. I like New Steve Weber, but man, he is a tiny one too. When he rehooks up w/. Carly it will be a hoot. Back to JJ and this busted ass triangle. I feel no chemistry w/ Liz and no relation to his family. Lulu I just don’t feel her as Lucky’s baby sister, never did w/ GV either. Nik, well TC checked out of GH mentally years ago, he is a mannequin in his scenes. But the biggie. The return of the “real” luke isn’t helping me either, I just don’t buy it. WAY TOO MUCH DAMAGE DONE TO THE CHARACTERS & HISTORY for me to buy this new reconnected family. What a shame, Luke & Lucky used to be perfection in Labine’s day. IMO, Guza ruined them forever so this supposedly new and improved stuff just feels like a sad slap in the face to me. Oddly, the one “Spencer” JJ seems to fit in with is Kangaroo Joe. They look sadly alike! Talk about creepy coincidences right?

    And Carly’s involvment, of course she was there she is in every damn episode, was horrid. Clearly she doesn’t yet know the true definition of “hypocrite”. She and Sonny are the biggest most vile hypocrites on TV. Narcissists and sociopaths galore!!! They disgust me and all Guza attempts to shove them down my throat as the world’s most incredible people/parents/mobsters/whatever have failed miserably. I think they both are the lowest of the low and wish they would vanish off GH forever. I used to feel for Sonny’s struggle, NOT ANY MORE. Originally I loathed his smarmy strip club owning drug pushing self. With Labine’s new guidance I spent years liking and rtooting for his complex character. But since Guza grabbed the reigns in 1998 or 99 he has spiralled out of control ionto the depths of hell. Now he is a total piece of crap with no complexity or any redeeming values. And shockingly Carly has gotten only more heinous as the years go by, and she started out as a nasty vengeful immature selfish slut! All made worse by Guza’s deep love for her and need to crown her as the town’s most wonderful women ever. ICK!

    I feel better. I don’t mean to offend, this is just my feelings on this show and especially yesterday’s horrid episode that so many think was just super.

    I appreciate the place to vent :-)

    • Well differing viewpoints are welcome here. I can’t say I agree with all your points, but it is no secret that we here at “Despair” feel that the show has demolished many characters that we once loved.
      In terms of JJ, I’ve heard many people comment that they think he looks young, but he just doesn’t strike me that way. After seeing him play Kyle Reese on the Sarah Connor Chronicles I can only think of him as bad ass. Guess that just proves that opinions can differ wildly even when some sentiments are shared. :)

  3. My biggest problem with yesterday’s episode was the fact that Liz’s rape was referenced yet again in another inappropriate manner. I didn’t understand why Lucky brought that moment up at the end of his tirade. It made it seem as if he loved Liz as a victim or something. It was weird.

    • YES. I thought the juxtaposition of the two extremes in terms of how Liz’s sexuality is treated by this show — either she’s celebrated as a victim or ripped to shreds as a slut — was incredibly disturbing and inappropriate.

    • Yeah, I agree with this too. The entire use of Liz’s rape history has often been awkward and unrealistic and as you pointed out, inappropriate. I would say that it could be interesting if they explored Lucky’s need to be a savior, and thus wanting Liz in the victim role, because I appreciate him taking some ownership in this situation and think that would be interesting drama. It might make some sense out of Liz’s actions (self-destructing because she is unconsciously rebelling against this), which have not made sense to me thus far. I will never buy that Nik awakened her sexuality..I just..can’t.

      • I have read others justify absolutely the way Lucky said he loved the girl crawling out of the snow and where is she now etc…. I will never buy that. I mean, hello! She was like 15 then, did you not expect her to change and grow up at all? Or at least not in a way you deemed correct oh wise one Lucky? So much misogyny so little time for Guza to debase every woman on the show. It was vile to me. Guza and Phelps are sick. Equally vile was that night at Jake’s where Liz and Lucky retold that horror of their life like it was the reason the four musketeers were unbreakable besties til the end of time. WTF!!?!?!? SO creepy and IMO totally unrealistic. I needed a Silkwood shower after both scenes.

  4. I also think it would be interesting if they explored Lucky’s need to play Liz’s hero/protector. Maybe it is that whole damsel in distress thing he loves or something. Some guys are attracted to that. And I also agree that it would help to explain some of Liz’s actions and why she might have gravitated toward Nikolas. And the whole thing with Nikolas “awakening” Liz, I don’t buy that either. I remember how she was with Jason and this was not a woman who never wanted to initiate sex.

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