Here we go…

…the moment we’ve all been waiting for dreading: the implosion of Scrubs.

So fun to watch, isn’t it?

Okay, so maybe implosion is a harsh term. I’m unspoiled, so I have no clue. Maybe Patrick won’t cheat on Robin. And maybe Sonny will go to jail for life!

(What? It could happen? Yeah, no. Even I don’t believe that crap.)

The problem is these writers have a tack record of trashing characters for the shiny object of the week. This time it’s the oh, so original and dramatic love-triangle.  And they’ve spent so much time building this plot point, it’s hard to believe it won’t end in disaster.

Honestly, I don’t mind Patrick and Robin fighting. I think their disagreements are part of what makes them interesting as a couple.  But making both Patrick and Robin unsympathetic, self-righteous jerks in the process? Not. Cool.

Patrick’s temper tantrum about not being able to prove, yet again, that he has the biggest surgical tool in the hospital is such a contrived plot point. (Not to mention extremely obnoxious.)

And Robin… well, I understand her being upset about Patrick keeping the Dante secret. That doesn’t mean I think she’s right, but I get the emotion. However, the Sonny supporting is beyond me at this point. No matter what he meant to her in the past, it doesn’t seem in line with her character that she wouldn’t have a bit of a jolt about Sonny’s lifestyle right now. I’ve lost count of the number of infuriating things that have come out of her mouth in recent episodes.

It’s reached the point where I groan when either of them come on screen. If the writers are going to force this Scrubs love-triangle, could they at least not focus on the worst parts of these characters to the point that I hate seeing them?


13 thoughts on “Here we go…

  1. All I have to say is word to the entire blog!

    I actually like to watch them fight, cause it’s always with such Fire and Passion! It’s foreplay for them really!

    Except, I really don’t think Patrick will cheat. Maybe I’m naive but I do think this is a Scrubs vs. Lisa story. Lisa will think she’s getting somewhere with Patrick and he’ll shut her down everytime.

    • From Patrick’s characterization thus far, I would agree, I don’t think he’d cheat. Except, that doesn’t matter to the writers. They will make characters do things that are completely out of nowhere to suit their current story. I would like to believe that it will end up that way, but I just don’t have faith that it will. In this case, I’ll be happy to be wrong.

      And thanks for reading! We’re glad you like it.

  2. I agree you Guza is really tring to hard at making Patrick and Robin so unwatchable that you can`t watch them and can`t root for them.And Lisa is just geting on my nerves like she can`t be with anyone but Patrick so for the past ten yrs. she hasn`t date she never married either,Sometimes I think it would have been better if Lisa Niles turned out tobe Ian Devin`s wife it would make more sense for her to come to Port CHarles .

    • I do enjoy it when characters are brought on with multiple connections to the canvas. Alas, Lisa isn’t supposed to be a character in and of herself. She is a tool to move a plot along and it shows.

  3. It has been years since I watch the show until recently. So I don’t know all the ins and outs of Robin & Patrick. I do like them and I know it is soap opera death to have a “happy marriage for to long”, but I find this Lisa character as a totally waste. I do believe it is totally out of character for Robin to be so much of a Sonny supporter. Even though she liked what he did for Stone…I think she always stop stop of supporting Sonny and his way of life. She left Jason because she didn’t like the lifestyle he choose. I always thought when they wanted to ’cause trouble for Robin and Patrick would be to renew her friendship with Jason. That always made more sense to me than Liz or Sam. He was her first High School crush as Jason Q, and her next great love after Stone and living with HIV, as Jason Morgan. It seems logical to re-connected.

    • I actually like how they usually show Robin and Jason. I LOVED them when they were a couple, but I think Robin has moved past him as a significant part of her life. They have moments and they are usually written fairly well and honor their history and I really like that. But the same should go for Sonny. Sonny and she can share nostalgic moments. That makes sense to me. But she shouldn’t be defending his lifestyle or blaming anyone but Sonny for his choices. Patrick didn’t put a gun in Sonny’s hand. Sonny did that. Robin should be able to see that, considering the arc of her character. It drives me nuts.

  4. No,I don’t think Jason and Robin should to get back together. I agree Robin’s character has matured since that time.(At least from what they show sometimes.)I like her with Patrick and I want them together…I just know at some point conflict has to happens in a “soap marriage”. Jason seem more logical for a conflict. I even see conflict with Steven Lars…. However I am not sure if anyone would see them other than good friends. BTW which is lacking on the show. No potential affair,though. I don’t think this character Lisa is believeable enough to stir up trouble either. I mean it could be the way she is written or the way the actress is player her…but I find her annonying if anything.
    Yet they are going full steam ahead with this s/l. I find cheap and unbelieveable that Robin and Patrick would agrue in that manner over issues that clearly has nothing to do with either one of them. The whole s/l seems like a waste. It seems the writers’s have no idea what to do with them. I grew up watching (K/M) Robin…so I really want her to have a better s/l, than this cheesy one.

  5. Yes Lisa is a plotine tool and it really shows but now there trying to have her be friends with bothe Jax and Sonny,God help us.

  6. Love your post.

    Robin’s completely forgotten where she comes from and that fact that everyone in her family were on the right side of the law. You’d think that she’d have a clue and get her priorities straight.

    Also, what’s with making Patrick out to be an obnoxious ass in the hospital? Arrogant, yes. Obnoxious and over the top (for no apparent reason than to give Bob Guza kicks), no.

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