So let me get this straight…

… Jason, who has been mooning over not being able to be an actual father to his biological son for years now, wants Sonny to allow the murder of his son. Really? We are really supposed to believe that Jason would: 1) suggest this as a good idea, and 2) expect Sonny to go along with this?

I don’t buy all this my son crap from Sonny, but are we seriously supposed to root for THAT?

I wish I didn’t love Dante so much because then I would think his death might actually be a good thing. I can’t help but be fascinated by the possible reactions of the PC community if Dante hadn’t made it. And now that’s pretty much what Jason is proposing, seemingly without any thoughts to the consequences.

Apparently, Jason’s moral compass only lasts until his own ass gets threatened. I would love to see Robin, Maxie, and all the other mob apologists try justify this one. Is Jason being disgusting and evil supposed to distract us from Sonny’s previous disgusting and evil behavior? Because honestly, it just makes me seethe with hate for both of them.

And all this is less than a month after having to listen to Jason whine on a daily basis about how he’s not a sociopath who kills without remorse. ‘Cause he totally feels bad about it, you guys! Just not bad enough to change his behavior, is all.

I really wish I thought that Carly, Sonny, and Jason’s reactions were intentionally being portrayed as dysfunctional, amoral, and pathological. Alas, I know that they are not. At the very least, I think the writers want us to empathize with both sides. Well — with Carly, Sonny, Jason and Dante. Not Jax. Jax can go screw himself.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge fan of Jax right now either, but I understand his motives and agree with them. I also anticipated Carly’s awful reaction, which tainted my opinion of Jax’s actions. I like to avoid the Sonny defense parade at all costs. I was shocked, however, when Jax was allowed even a moment with Michael where he wasn’t being berated for being the most horrible person in the world. That was actually kind of nice. But it didn’t last long.

Soon thereafter we were treated to Sam’s garbage. It is so insulting to have to listen to Sam judge the hell out of Jax for helping Dante. Because she’s never done anything stupid out of desperation. No, not Sam!

Morgan’s dialog about being torn between parents was the only saving grace of this awful story line. Unfortunately, parents tearing kids apart because they’re selfish and can’t figure out how to get along is completely realistic. My heart hurt for Morgan at that moment.

Meanwhile,  Johnny and Olivia’s schmoopiness continues to jerk me around and make part of me believe that the writers  don’t intend to punch me in the gut and make Sonny and Olivia a couple.

And Dante and Lulu continue to be cute enough to draw pink hearts around. Their scenes were some of the few redeeming moments in an otherwise nauseating episode.

But I’ve seen more than five minutes of this show in the last ten years, which makes these scenes difficult to enjoy. I just can’t shake the feeling that Dante will end up turning on the cops and become another mindless Sonny worshiper.  The foreshadowing is ominous, infuriating, and makes me want to kick someone in the nuts.

That’s some high quality programming right there.


4 thoughts on “So let me get this straight…

  1. Yeah, I wonder if we’ll ever hear anything about Jason’s whole “I don’t want to kill people anymore to set a good example for Michael” resolution. Sources say: not likely.

  2. Jason wanting to be a good father has grown old with me. The “I will not compromise myself again” is a joke too. Jason Morgan was my favorite character at one time next to Liz. The mobster with a heart of gold, nope he has been missing for a while now. No I am not a big Jason and Sam fan, but I do not hate the pairing like some do. I do think that the reconnect was bad for Jason’s character because it went against a lot of things that the character stood for. I also think that is was bad for sam’s character if you are using self respect for yourself as being the reason why you were able to go back to Jason, hmmm going back to someone who threaten to kill you is not a sign of self respect.

    GH is heading in a different direction to attract a new and younger audience as Frons said. Really anyone over 40 is not going to get any real screen time. S. Burton’s comment about GH’s use of focus groups impacts what is on your screen is disturbing to this disgruntled fan. It seems that the comment line and fan mail is a moot point.
    I think it is unfair to the general audience for a small select few to determine what you see on your soap and the ratings over the last year reflects that too.

    • GH has relied on focus groups for years. According to the wonderful blog Deep Soap at…ABC has been pretty much reliant on that only for years now. Fan mail and comment line calls have been rumored to count as nothing more than counts for individual names than happiness of fans. It has been reported the interns just sit there and mark on a sheet how many times this character’s name is said. It’s why most of the advice on comment line calls urge people to never ever say a third parties name. For example if you were calling in regarding Lucky and Elizabeth, don’t mention Nik or it would count as a vote for the triangle. Fan mail counts the same way. Steve Burton got x number of letters. Jonathan Jackson got x number of letters. The only time fan voices are really noticed is when a fan war…the type that broke out during teh Summer of Sleaze…breaks out or when the fans are loudly protesting something such as the inital storyline to make Michael AJ’s killer and Ethan’s introduction as a Spencer and the continual running down of Lucky Spencer to do it. And even then it’s more when the press gets involved in it that something happens. THen it’s merely noted for the controversy. In the case of fan wars it is used to justify stretching a plot point out longer.

      Just frankly some of the stories that were allegedly dropped due to poor focus group ratings…deserved it. They were horribly written, horriblely plotted, and just a terrible idea from start to finish. Sonny/Emily were allegedly finally ended over negative focus group responses.

      From what I have heard from friends who have participated in the focus groups….the group tend to have long time viewers as members. They watch an episode and are specifically asked about certain plot points/couples. For example the one my friend did years ago…the show asked a million and seven questions about Sonny/ one wanted to talk about them and instead the entire group kept coming back to Robin/Patrick who at the time were just being tested and weren’t on the focus group sheet at all. Focus groups can be helpful when done right….unfortunately I do tend to suspect at times the “focus group” is Guza and Frons talking to themselves in the mirror.

  3. Amen to everything you said. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Jason and Sam shouldn’t be allowed to have scenes unless they are joined at the lip – because I’m so over anything either of them has to say. At this point, I kind of wish Sonny and Carly would just get back together already so they could make eachother miserable and I could fast forward through all of their scenes without feeling like I was missing out on any characters of value. God, this is painful.

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