Honestly, can someone please tell me what they’re doing?

There are A TON of things that I could rant about in the last few episodes of GH, but I’m going to leave that to Tenillypo to address when she gets around to it.  For now, I will focus on Scrubs, as is my want.

I almost posted on Thursday, but I thought maybe an additional five minutes of the Scrubs story might play out on Friday that would bring some clarity to what the writers are doing. (I really can be stupid.) I was also a bit wrapped up watching the soapy goodness of The Vampire Diaries. Seriously, this show is awesome and Ian Somerhalder is super hot. His icy blue eyes burn a hole in my soul. They make me want to throw him down on the ground and– ahem.

ANYWAY… where was I? Oh, Scrubs. So easy to forget considering their plot took up about 1/25 of the scenes that aired this week.  If you could actually, in good conscience, call this a plot. I think of it more as a collage of random scenes that include Patrick and Robin — half of the time fighting about medical stuff in front of Lisa, and the other half of the time just simply being adorable. Which, hey, I appreciate, but does not a story make.

First, it seemed that Lisa was going to be part of another overdone love-triangle. They had the classic signs with Robin being jealous and Patrick going on and on about his fondness for this woman. Then, they seemed to want to make Lisa an inappropriate, obsessed stalker. And then for a moment they seemed to revert back to the love-triangle angle. And now, this behavior seems to have morphed into Lisa becoming a frat buddy to Patrick. If  the supply closet scene was supposed to be anything other than Lisa pulling a prank on Patrick, it failed miserably.

This is a soap, people. Make your intentions clear! I’m tired of being jerked around by this inconsistent characterization. I know that I’ve complained on numerous occasions that GH hits us over the head with plot points to the extent of causing brain damage. You may be saying, “you can’t have it both ways!” But you are wrong, my friend. I am a modern woman and I want it all! You can be clear about where you are going with a plot and still not recycle the same conversation a hundred times.  Inconsistent behavior of a new character is not edgy or suspenseful, it’s just sloppy and annoying.

All I can say is that at least we are getting some of this in the process:

(Screencap thanks to Scrubs.org)

I’ve just recently noticed that Jason Thompson is getting a little gray by his temples, a trait that I find extremely sexy. I didn’t think I could find him more attractive. I was wrong.

I admit, I’d slog through watching Patrick and Robin and Lisa reading medical charts for two hours to get even a few minutes of the sparks that Scrubs create when they’re allowed to do so.

But why do we have to settle for that, when it could be so much better? If Lisa’s going to be Patrick’s new best buddy, fine. If she’s going to be a creepy stalker, fine. Just pick something and create a story already. I’m tired of waiting.


7 thoughts on “Honestly, can someone please tell me what they’re doing?

  1. This…story or whatever it is…completely sucks. Bob Guza completely sucks. General Hospital completely sucks. Thanks to Bob Guza (the completely sucky Head Writer) and Jill Farren Phelps (the completely sucky Executive Producer).

    Scrubs, on the other hand, completely made the show last Thursday even though they were on air for approximately 1 minute and 8 seconds. Ephiphany was a great bonus.

    I totally agree with you about GH desperately needing to figure out Lisa’s role quickly and get this story moving. The sad thing is that all of these actors – Lisa included – are really good. Their talents shine through in the 0.5 seconds GH allows them on air once a week, but they are sadly under-utilized.

    Can someone please explain to me again why KMc and JT signed new contracts? What exactly was the point? Because it couldn’t have been because they were going to get any kind of good story.

  2. IDA, I think GH has been on fire the last few weeks, since right around Christmas. I am totally enjoying Lante, LL2 angst, the little we see of Alexis/Mac/and her girls, I cannot wait to see where this whole Ethan/Kristina/Keifer thing goes, and of course I love my faves: SCRUBS! I don’t know where this Lisa thing is going, but I 110% DISAGREE with your post regarding “classic” love triangle. Since Day 1 inconsistant Guza has made it CLEAR that Lisa is a “frat buddy” to Patrick and that Patrick’s heart and love lie with his Robin and Emma! I think Guza has beat that horse to DEATH! I don’t see Patrick wanting Lisa, but I see Lisa acting like some juvenile 12 year old after sending Pip to the supply closet, which backfired on Lisa anyway, because we are to assume that they kept gettin’ it on long after Pip left! GH is not a perfect show, but what show is. This damn soap has been able to entertain me every day, even when Scrubs are not on, which I am quite impressed about. When the show sucks, I turn it off, when it is GOOD, I watch. I used to write emails to Frons and complain about the show, but what was the point? I learned that turning the TV off and not giving GH my DVR rating was more powerful than the lame emails I sent… ;)

    • Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you can see that I most definitely have enjoyed other parts of GH as of late, if you look back at some of our recent posts.
      However, the reason I say classic love triangle is that for about one or two episodes before Lisa came into town they showed Robin as jealous and Patrick as gushing over how awesome Lisa is. That was how they initially introduced Lisa to the canvas. Then, after a few other shifts in characterization, they had a day where they had Robin and Patrick fight and Patrick asked Lisa to go out with him alone for a beer. Logically, I don’t think Patrick would have any interest in Lisa, but my point is that this story has not been logical. It has been choppy and unclear from the start. I think the best story would be Lisa being obsessed with Patrick and Patrick shooting her down and there have been a few minor indications that they may be going in that direction. But then, they show Lisa playfully pulling a prank on Patrick. The tone is completely different in those scenes and it leaves me feeling confused and annoyed. If Lisa was leering instead of laughing when she sent Epiphany to the supply closet, I think it would have come off quite differently.
      I do appreciate that not everyone feels this way and we respect differing opinions here. Sometimes we just end up agreeing to disagree.

    • It was only a brief moment when Lisa was not on canvas yet and consulting with Patrick.

      Which is exactly my point. Any moments that seem to be “choices” by the writers are constantly switching to the point that my head is spinning and I don’t know what the writers expect us to think about Lisa. And then, what ends up happening is that she is a confusing, mess of a character who seems extraneous to anything that is happening in current story lines.

  3. Every time a Patrick and Robin scene pops up, I’m left wondering if I missed an episode somewhere in between. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is baffled by this “plot”. The GH writers need to look up the word continuity, and then apply it to their work. But I have a sinking feeling that this is intentional.

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