Ladies beware: a mental breakdown may be just around the corner!

Warning signs? What are those? It’s like a switch. One moment you’re perfectly sane, the next you’re erratic, suicidal, and need to be committed. Just ask Elizabeth.

(Unless sleeping with Nikolas was a symptom of mental illness all along. That… would explain a lot, actually.)

When this moment comes, people who have no legal connection to you will discuss your medical status and make the decision to put you in a long-term facility. It doesn’t matter that you’re an adult, or that legally you can’t be committed against your will unless you’re an immediate danger to yourself or others. And if you refuse to go, every person you have ever interacted with will be told about your confidential illness so they can then successfully guilt you into committing yourself. That’s the way it is and there’s no way around it!

Well, unless you’re a man.

Those female emotions are out of control, people! As Tenillypo would say, extreme measures are needed to get their fragile, little lady brains straightened out!

Sonny has the most serious mental health diagnosis on the show and has never been in Shadybrook. And even if he only remembers that he’s bipolar when it’s convenient to the story line, he has sage advice to give Luke about mental health issues:

SONNY: You know, I’m not going to speak for Shadybrook, but I do know, as you know, something about being mentally ill. And, uh, the shame and the denial. Now, I’m not excusing Elizabeth cheating on Lucky because that’s wrong and I’m not sure if she’s bipolar or anything, but I’m sure she probably feels if she were stronger or smarter or a better person, none of this would have happened. Anyway, I take my medication everyday, therapy has helped. Uh, my life’s not perfect, I’m not cured, but you know what? I’m running the illness, the illness is not running me.

So, to recap: mental illness is not a valid excuse for cheating, but it is an excuse for raging out at your family and killing for a living. And obviously, Sonny isn’t really being impacted by mental health issues at this point in his life. Nope, not one bit.

The worst part of this speech is that most of the sentiments are actually good messages about mental illness. Too bad they have to be delivered by the character who least deserves to give them.

I started this post while still watching this episode and I have to say, the end enrages me on a whole other level. Mostly because I like the idea of Helena chasing after Liz because she thinks she will provide a Cassadine heir. I don’t think they’ve adequately explained why Helena doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Spencer, or why she suddenly thinks Liz is worthy of mothering the next Cassadine, but I don’t even care. I love Helena as a villain and don’t require them to makes sense of these things when it comes to bringing her into a story. Ultimately, it’s frustrating that I actually like where this all ended up, despite being furious about the way they got there.

Damn this show.

In other news, the Scrubs merry-go-round continues, but at least we’re getting more and more of this:

They can keep that coming.

And while they’re at it, I’m glad to see they’ve figured out that this works:

Let’s just hope they don’t screw it up.


7 thoughts on “Ladies beware: a mental breakdown may be just around the corner!

  1. I have long been a big fan of the “You will only sleep with Nik if you have a mental illness” route. It does help explain why none of his exes seem to stay in town or stay alive after sleeping with him. (Just ONE that is actually still in town and seen on a regular basis.)

    While I think Helena toturing Liz during the oh so obvious WTD plot….cause lets face it…right up her alley, I too am at a loss as to why Spencer isn’t worthy. For years they have drilled into our heads that the Cassadine heir is the oldest son of the oldest son. Period. No way around it. Stefan didn’t become the heir when Stavros died. Nik did. So unless Spencer is dead….Helena cant’ choose a new heir. Also if Helena wants a new heir that will be raised right…shouldnt’ she be talking to Alfred? Or Lucky? Cause we all know Nik won’t be doing no raising.

    and just speculating but since everyone is so convinced this baby is Nik’s…totally means it will be Lucky’s right?

    The Sonny thing enraged me (and this might be because of my EXTREME Sonny hate) not only because hello way not his business…but it smacked of more “feel sorry for Sonny you all! He shot his son because DANTE WAS HIDDEN FROM HIM AND SONNY DIDN’T KNOW! And…he had a hard life! AND…he has a mental illness. Sonny is a good guy you all!”

    • I completely agree on your points about the Cassadine heir. It makes absolutely no sense.

      I am praying to all that is holy that Lucky is actually the father of this baby. It makes sense considering how thick they are laying on the “Nik must be the father” routine, but sense does not always matter to the writers.

      And I think you are spot on about Sonny, too. It is always about Sonny, no matter what is happening. It makes me want to poke him in those stupid dimples.

      I am very mature.

  2. Please tell me Sonny did not actually say those ridiculous things to Luke? I don’t watch the show, only clips I want to watch on YT.
    BTW, I love reading your blog.

    • Ah, that would be the smart way to keep up on the show. Although the FF button works well too.

      Thanks so much for the kind words. We’re glad you enjoy it!

  3. What was even more ridulous to me than Sonny’s supposed words of wisdom was Luke’s response, which was something to the effect of “thanks, I’ll pass it on to Lucky”…seriously, Luke? Lucky has more sense in one of his pinky toes than Sonny can ever hope to possess.

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