Say it loud and there’s music playing. Say it soft and it’s almost like praying: OLIVIA!

I promised myself I wasn’t going to bitch about Sonny for a few days at least, but then this exchange happened —

SONNY: Do you ever get tired of the sound of your own arrogance? [Ed note: … WOW.]
JAX: Oh, I’m arrogant? You’re the arrogant one, you cop-shooting son of a bitch!

— and I just couldn’t let it go without comment.

First of all: HAH! Snarky Jax is really growing on me. Second, Maurice Bernard made the command decision to respond by smirking, closing his eyes, and giving this rueful little head shake, all, “I can’t believe we’re still even talking about that. It was two weeks ago — when are you people going to let it go?”

It was just the essence of Sonny, all wrapped up in one incredibly condescending facial expression. Bravo, Maurice. You nailed it, buddy!

I thought — judging by that whole conversation — that this episode would be filled with only garden variety Sonny smack downs. Little did I know what was about to happen. You see, the show has recently made some near miraculous (for these writers, at least) strides toward advancing the revolutionary idea that it might actually not be okay to kill people even if they aren’t your blood relatives. (I know! I was shocked too!)

Yesterday, Olivia took up the gauntlet. And it was beautiful:

OLIVIA: That’s it, Sonny. Throw your blood money around like it makes you somebody.
SONNY: You got something else to say to me here?
OLIVIA: I thank God every day that your freaking filthy life never touched my kid. Okay? And if that makes you sad, and makes you upset? Then that’s just too damn bad.

OLIVIA: You wanted to work for Joe Scully and be a big man, a fancy guy. And you got it! Okay? You made it happen! Congratulations! But you can’t buy me now, and you can’t buy my son, so why don’t you just take your money, and your attitude, and your “poor me, I didn’t get any time with my son,” and you get your sorry ass out of here!
SONNY: You think you just know everything, don’t you?
OLIVIA: You know what I know? I know that every man you ever shot was somebody’s son. This time it was yours!
SONNY: Keep your mouth down– [Ed note: … what?]
OLIVIA: You made your bed, now go lie in it!

It was the accompanying expressions which really sold me, however. Lisa LoCicero has never met a hand gesture she didn’t love, bless her overacting little heart. I could watch her scream at Sonny all day long.


In other news, Dante and Lulu are still the best thing to happen to this show in the last ten years:

How do they manage to keep surpassing themselves in cuteness? How did Lulu become one of my favorite characters? And more importantly of all, how long until the writers ruin it somehow?


6 thoughts on “Say it loud and there’s music playing. Say it soft and it’s almost like praying: OLIVIA!

  1. Jax has done some questionable things – chief among them marrying that harridan Carly – but I will always love him because he wholeheartedly DESPISES Sonny and it is awesome.

  2. One thing I think you are wrong about – Dante and Lulu are the best thing to happen to GH in – what is it now?? – 46 years??? Have cheered Olivia blasting Sonny, really LOVED Jax and Patrict telling him off. Have had to fight myself not to put my fist thru my TV screen every time Sonny tells someone else (this week it was Luke) that he didnt KNOW Dante was his son!!

    • I often find myself strangling my poor remote control when Sonny’s giving one of his “poor me!” speeches. It’s… really not healthy how angry he makes me.

  3. Laura , Jax has been write out of character until now and that`s great but I liked him better with either Brenda or Skey .Carly has always got on my last nerves so I never liked the character from day one.

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