Watch the finger pointing, you might poke someone’s eye out.

We’ve seen a whole lot of passing the buck lately on GH. Pretty much every character is happy to lay blame on someone else for their mistakes, but Carly takes the fuckin’ cake:

I told you, I’m swamped. You know, you should go find Jax. You two really work well together — we split up, by the way. He’s living here in the hotel, and we are sharing time with Jocelyn. Not that you’d understand that at all because you always had your mom around when you were little, especially as a baby. Anyway, Jax and I would be together if it weren’t for you. And I guess splitting us up is another way you’re trying to give Michael and Morgan a better life. You’re turning out to be quite the brother, aren’t you?

Honestly, I’m surprised I could even transcribe that giant load of feces because the rage it induces in me is so white hot that my fingers are burning as I type. The meltdown of Carly’s marriage was Dante’s fault!?! In that moment, I might not even have objected to Dante punching her in the gut.  No wait, I want to.

This feeling probably also has something to do with the fact that about two minutes before Carly was giving the most hypocritical speech possible, she was spewing the “Dante is just like Sonny” bull that the writers are trying to cram down our throats.

CARLY: You really remind me of Sonny. You have for a long time, but I never made the connection. And your single-minded like Sonny, too, you know. When you want something, you don’t stop. No matter how many people are in the way, or how many people get hurt.

DANTE: Michael’s been hurting for a long time. As his mother, don’t you think you should be putting a stop to it?

CARLY: See you are just like Sonny right there – twisting my words.

Are you fucking kidding me? Is there one person on this show who isn’t single-minded in his or her motives? To compare Dante trying to discover the truth and do his job to Sonny shooting people in cold blood is an insult to the intelligence of the dozen people who still watch this show. I don’t know why this even bothers me anymore. I should completely expect it, and yet, the manipulation and crazy talk still burns a hole in my brain.

Hey writers, it doesn’t matter how many times you say Dante is like Sonny, I’m not going to buy it! In fact, Sonny and Dante are the exact opposite in every way that matters. Dante represents all that is good and right with this show and Sonny represents all that makes me physically ill. How about you just do us all a favor and STFU.

And while we are having a heart to heart, are you serious with this poor excuse for a Scrubs storyline?  I wish I could muster up enough emotional energy to care about how awful it is, but I can’t. If you are trying to bore me to death, it’s working.

How about you all just wake me up when it’s over.


2 thoughts on “Watch the finger pointing, you might poke someone’s eye out.

  1. Unfortunately GH’s mastery of things like “subtilty”, “foreshadowing”, “morals found here on Planet Earth” leaves much to be desired. So nice to see that Fron’s audience training program is still up and running.

    What? We didn’t feel sorry for Sonny quickly enough for them so now they are going to tell us that Dante and Sonny are just alike? So that if we like Dante we have to like Sonny too? Can I just make an appointment with Michael and an axe instead?

    • I very much enjoy your snark! I’m sure it is all part of the “Sonny’s our hero” train. I would happily jump off of it any day.

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