I’m not surprised, I’m just… tired.

I have more to say on this story — and I know my co-blogger does too — but it’s late and I’m exhausted and I just really need to get something off my chest before I go to bed:


I hate everything about this promo. Everything.

I hate the crass, exploitive “RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES” graphics. (Like, what — girls getting beaten by their boyfriends is supposed to be some topical new issue? Is this like when the writers “discovered” texting about ten years into that particular “fad”?)

I hate the gratuitous, lingering shots of Kristina’s terrified face. I hate the noble swell of the music that tells us our hearts are supposed to be warmed by Sonny’s pain. I hate the implication that a story about a mobster nearly killing an innocent man (for the second time this month!) is being championed as a Very Special Opportunity for parents and children to sit down together and learn something important about domestic violence.

Most of all? I hate what’s missing from this promo: Kristina’s voice. Kristina’s fear. Kristina’s pain.

That’s a lot of hate for fifteen seconds of footage.

But you can’t really blame the ABC promo monkeys. After all, they’re only reflecting the story the show wants to tell. It’s just too bad that story of a girl in an abusive relationship isn’t actually about, you know… THE GIRL IN THE ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP.

Then again, if it was, we wouldn’t be watching General “It’s Sonny’s World, The Rest Of Us Just Live In It” Hospital, now would we?

6 thoughts on “I’m not surprised, I’m just… tired.

  1. Sadly the only way GH would ever dare to focus on the girl in an abusive relationship would be if it was Carly…and we all know that won’t happen since Carly is the bravest, strongest, truest, most awesome to be awesome character EVER!

    When the only thing I can think during Sonny’s rant to Ethan about how men who abuse women are the lowest of the low is “yeah yeah yeah Sonny…you just haven’t hit a woman yet. You’ve done everything else Keifer did to Kristina to countless other women you douche” …..the storyline is failing. Especially since I freaking HATE Ethan and I don’t ever want to feel even mildly sympathetic to him or defend him that such actions are out of character!

    • Sadly, Carly already has been in an abusive relationship — with Sonny — which was mostly treated as either a great romance or a great farce (remember when he tricked her into remarrying him and then refused to let her divorce by stealing her passport? Hilarity!).

      But yeah, all of Sonny’s indignation over men hurting women hits the irony meter so hard, it’s pretty much exploded.

      I hate this show so much, sometimes.

  2. Guza could have writen the storyline alot better and took his time and developed the characters relationahips even more than he has and I hate that Krissy lied it`s not going to help her in the long run anyway.

    • It would have been better if she’d claimed not to know who attacked her, and everyone just assumed it was Ethan. So many wasted opportunities for good drama, as always…

  3. Thank you. Sonny’s weepy bullshit monologue at Kristina’s hospital bedside was evil! And the fact that he laid down all those pathetic excuses for his selfish sociopathic murdering life is supposed to A. Make us sympathize w/ Sonny and B. Get Dante to love Sonny as his Super Daddy is just sick and wrong. And it didn’t fool me Guza! I loathe Sonny more now than ever. Using his abusive childhood as an excuse for his huge abusive criminal life is a joke, worse though is how just about everyone thinks it’s ok?!?!?

    I could go on, but I like you am just too tired.

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