One word has the power to drive me insane.

I had written a whole other post about how not entertaining it was to see Sonny threaten yet another unarmed, innocent man with a gun while making his daughter’s beating all about him. But frankly, I can’t bring myself to post it. Thankfully, my trusty co-blogger already gave you the gist of my feelings on the topic.

So, instead of falling into the show’s trap and making it all about Sonny, I’m going to focus on the other characters in this plot.

Here are my thoughts:

Alexis is awesome. It’s nice that it occurs to her that if anything bad happens to Ethan, it will be detrimental to Kristina. If only certain other people could figure that one out. Her emotion throughout this plot has been spot on. Angry, scared, protective, and absolutely putting her daughter first above all these overwhelming feelings. Rock on, Alexis.

Yesterday’s Kristina and Kiefer scene was painful. It was raw, uncomfortable, and I squirmed for Kristina. I think both actors did a great job, and it finally gave Kristina a point of view by helping us understand why she would protect Kiefer. However, it did not at all help us understand why she wouldn’t assume her father would kill Ethan, too. There was a moment where she asked what would happen to Ethan, implying that she cared, but that seems in conflict with her accepting the fact that Sonny will kill the person who did this to her.  If she thinks Ethan is safe because he’s Luke’s son, a line about that  would help (even if the rest of the world knows that isn’t true).

I am torn about Kristina lying and blaming Ethan. It isn’t beyond reason to portray an abuse victim as protecting the abuser, but this is GH and I worry what consequences this will have on Kristina as a character. We’ve already had Johnny identify that she has lied in the past. Two incidents pretty much equal a pattern on this show. I also don’t like that her lying has resulted in our sainted hero questioning her. Victim questioning happens all the time and usually not for any good reason. To portray it as being justified agitates me. If this was any other show I would understand that these situations have a lot of gray areas, and showing a victim lying could be part of that. But I really have no confidence that this situation will lead anywhere but to badness.

Sam and Jason continue to irk me. Sam seems to be infected by the “Kristina’s pain is all about me” syndrome. Her reactions do make sense, but her conversation with Jason really bugged. I tried to figure out what it was that really had me going and after some thinking I realized that the word “choice” had drilled itself into my brain. Sam continuously told Kristina not to blame herself, but she then went on a self-blaming binge saying that this happened to Kristina because she was copying her. (If she thinks she’s such a role model to Kristina she might want to cut that crap out.) Jason’s response to this was that Sam wasn’t responsible for Kristina’s “choices.” Both Sam and Jason implied that there was something Kristina chose that got her into this situation.

No. Uh-uh. No way. Nien. Not at all. Not one bit.

Sam thinking this way is understandable. It’s a common thought process by people who have been traumatized. Maybe if I just did this… maybe if I hadn’t done that… this bad crap wouldn’t have happened.

Jason is often the voice of the TPTB and it would have been nice for him to say something like, “none of this is your fault or Kristina’s. This is Ethan’s [the abuser’s] fault.”

Way to catch that opportunity, GH! Doing a good story about teenage abusive relationships takes more than having every character say “it’s not your fault” to Kristina. They need to be actually aware of the subtle (and not so subtle) messages they’re giving the audience.


2 thoughts on “One word has the power to drive me insane.

  1. Sam and Jason’s discussion so irked me as well. As well as the one about how Alexis wanting Kristina to be perfect is the root cause of all evil. WTF? As you said it makes sense Kristina would protect her abuser. It is what real victims do and after all that is what has been modeled for her time and again where Sonny (her real role model that taught her controlling, assholish behavior is A-Ok) is concerned when it comes to the women in his life. How many times did “He’s a good father and he loves you” get trotted out to her when she went off about him shooting Dante in the chest?

    But thank heavens GH has resisted the urge to make a story about the intimate partner abuse suffered by a teenage girl BE about the teenager. Thank God they went with her father’s reaction instead!

    They are missing such golden opportunities left and right here. Not only for Jason to say that no choices justify getting the shit beat out of you…but for Sonny to actually BE the good father they constantly prattle about. Have him realize that maybe he played a role in his daughter thinking this was acceptable behavior. I wouldnt’ even object to the obvious Emmy bait push for Mo if it was good meaty material that really could CHANGE GH FOREVER. Can’t you just see a recovering Kristina visiting Sonny when he goes off a BETRAYAL barware throwing rampage about Olivia keeping Dante from him or his housekeeper not buying the right toliet paper….Kristina having a PTSD flashback to Keifer…Sonny having an actual moment of insight about his behavior and trying to change for his daughter’s sake? That’s good soap.

    • So true!!! If ONLY that was something to look forward to in GH land. Not likely, though.

      I started to listen to Sam and Jason’s conversation thinking that it would be refreshing to listen to her do something other than manage Jason’s angst and stroke his ego – and promptly got annoyed enough to revert to my usual fast-forward tactic. I swear, if I have to listen to her yammer on one more time about how Big Bad Alexis puts so much pressure on poor little Kristina to be perfect and how this contributes to everything from missed curfews to global warming, I will lose my marbles.

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