Friends, today was a good day.

So, I’ve been a little negative lately. And about now, you might be thinking (assuming, that is, that you talk to your computer as I do — WHAT, THAT’S NOT WEIRD):

“Tenillypo, is there anything you haven’t hated about the show lately?”

I’m so glad you asked! Because today was a pancake of truth sitting atop an ice cream scoop of satisfaction. And I could write a sonnet about the awesomeness of the Davis women:

Lexi Ainsworth was already one of our picks for best casting of the decade, but that was more for her familial chemistry than for any particular standout moments. Today, though, she absolutely earned it.

This was rough to watch:

KRISTINA: That’s your answer for everything! When Dante got in your way, when he tried to arrest you, you just shot him! That’s the way you live, that’s the kind of man you are! When someone upsets you, you just kill them and throw them out like trash, never mind the lies or how many people get hurt. You wanted Claudia to die! You called her a bitch and said she got what she deserved!

Wow. And… ouch. That was both brutal and awesome, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I actually teared up a little at the end when she was basically hyperventilating.

Alexis is right: this kid is an emotional hot mess. But she’s also got her dad dead to rights. And it’s about damn time someone made him face that.

Speaking of Alexis, she had some things to say too. Some things that made me sit up in my chair, clap my hands a bit, laugh maniacally, and then collapse in a spent ball of glee.

It was good, is what I’m saying:

SONNY: Have you seen her face? No one beats one of my children and lives! End of story!
ALEXIS: This is not about you this time! It’s not about what you want anymore, it’s about what she wants, and what she needs! And what she needs right now is for you to act like a FREAKING FATHER! You are not to lay a hand on Ethan, do you understand me?
SONNY: If he goes to trial, it’s over. ‘Cause he’s not going to trial because Luke will get him out of the country!
ALEXIS: You don’t get it, I don’t know why you just don’t get this…
SONNY: Yes, I do–
ALEXIS: YOU SHUT UP! I am working my– I don’t want her to think you’re a monster. I’m telling you, let the courts handle this. You don’t cause her one more minute of pain!

Damn. Just–damn, Nancy Lee Grahn.

I thought the look on her face when she first saw her daughter lying in that hospital bed was hard to take. Then I thought her visible struggle to hold it together as she realized Kristina had been on birth control for months was as heart-rending as it could get. But I should have remembered that Alexis has always been her best when in the grip of a righteous, grieving fury at Sonny.

She’s just a treasure. As always.

And her eldest daughter hasn’t been too shabby either. I haven’t always been Sam’s biggest fan, but I love her relationship with her sisters. Her talks with Kristina in the aftermath of her beating have been the only non-Sonny-bashing highlight of this story for me:

More than anything, though, I long for Sam’s relationship with Alexis to receive some very overdue attention. When she confessed to talking to Kristina about sex and keeping it from their mother, my heart just broke for her. I was actually looking forward to the conclusion of that scene, with Alexis’ response to Sam blaming herself… which, of course, is why we never got one.

(Because who wants to watch family drama like that — not soap fans, amirite?)

But I digress. Sam’s side of the story may not have been perfect so far, but it’s been about 100% more interesting to me than watching her be Jason’s biggest cheerleader.

Davis women united! May you continue to make this wretched show mildly watchable!

6 thoughts on “Friends, today was a good day.

  1. You are sooo spot on with this one!!! Nancy Lee Grahn is by far and wide the BEST thing on this show, with Lexi coming in a close second. That girl can CRY (I mean that in a good way)! Years ago I used to love Sonny but now I would be so happy to see him locked up or just removed from the show altogether, along with his #1 fan Carly. I have taken to just fast forwarding through those scenes – I’m not missing much that I haven’t heard already anyway!!!

    • I think it’s safe to say if you’ve seen one Sonny scene lately, you’ve pretty much seen them all. This show does love it’s endlessly repeated conversations and themes…

      • Wow, so I’m not alone with my abbreviated GH-watching technique! It’s amazing to me how this show has managed to make their lead players the most hateful characters of the bunch, rendering us excited every time we catch a mere glimpse of the awesomeness of characters like Alexis.

        I have to agree that the Davis women are amazingly fun and compelling to watch. I almost feel like I’m watching a different character altogether from Jason’s Sam.

        Oh, and Tenillypo – we enjoy your negativity because it’s hilarious, and it’s mutual.

        • When Sam isn’t worshiping Jason, she’s actually pretty awesome. It’s a shame they’ll never let her focus on Cassadine stuff instead of mob stuff…

  2. Just found this blog, and THANK YOU.

    All these amazing characters/actors subordinated to cheerleader and plot-adminstrative positions. It is such a relief to see some actual drama – albeit staged around the unbelievably problematic statements “MEN DON’T HIT WOMEN” (because it is totally fine for men to be encouraged to hit each other). I love your rants about the shitty politics of the diminishing of verbal/emotional abuse, and the attempts to make this a story about Sonny and Luke, etc.

    And yes, the Davis women rule, every single damned one of them. I pray to the daytime gods that Sam & Jason’s days are numbered. They have got to end up at odds so we can liberate her. (Interesting, puzzling in ways not entirely bad, though, to see Jason support HER in recent episodes.)

    Bummer that we are no doubt looking at YET ANOTHER TRIAL with Alexis. :(

    • Thanks, and welcome! :) (I am absolutely DREADING the fallout from this latest hit and hit idiocy. As if Alexis doesn’t already get scapegoated enough for things she hasn’t done…)

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